Top 10 bestsellers


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Top 10 bestsellers

Our 10 most popular gifts can help bring lifelong change to children and communities across the globe. Providing a healthy, nutritious future and sustainable livelihoods for families and their communities. This bundle includes:

  • 1 x A goat
  • 1 x Chickens and eggs
  • 1 x Clean drinking water
  • 1 x Childhood immunisation
  • 1 x A piglet
  • 1 x Train a teacher
  • 1 x Send a girl to school
  • 1 x A fish farm
  • 1 x Fast-growing seeds
  • 1 x Help a woman start a business

Your World Vision Gift will be delivered to you as a lovely card, ready for you to add your own message.

Your printed gift order will be processed and mailed as soon as possible. We use Australia Post's “Priority” service, but delivery times vary by address so please allow 10-12 working days.

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What you're supporting

These gifts support our work in livelihoods, education, health, water and emergencies.

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