Donate to help protect children

COVID-19 has intensified the daily struggles of vulnerable children and families everywhere. Right now, cases are surging in PNG and the country’s fragile health system is struggling to cope. As the PNG Government starts rolling out vaccines, we’re working with local communities and partners to help people understand that they are safe and effective. Please donate now and help protect children in PNG from this pandemic.

With your help we aim to reach

90% of funds go to support and carry out programs that benefit children and their communities.

10% of the funds are used to support fundraising and public awareness so our work can continue including some administration and accountability costs.

Funds will be used for coronavirus response activities in developing countries where World Vision works, in areas where disaster preparedness, risk reduction, disaster response and disaster recovery can be conducted. Should we receive more contributions than needed in a particular emergency appeal, we will use the excess in other emergency-related activity.

Help us combat Coronavirus

Where World Vision is responding to coronavirus

We are working in many countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Our global goals

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Education and clean water

Education and clean water

Scaling up preventive measures to limit the spread of disease.

Resources and Distribution

Resources and Distribution

Strengthening health systems and workers.

Protection and support

Protection and support

Supporting children through education, child protection, food and livelihoods.

Collaborating and advocating children's safety

Collaborating and advocating to ensure children are protected.

Donations over $2 may be tax deductible depending on your own personal tax position.