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Here are just a few of the projects these donations have supported:

Leiloma takes part in a literacy course as part of the project.

Where: Herat Province, Afghanistan

What: increasing women’s participation in local civil and political activities, with the active support of faith leaders

452 women and 330 men involved (2016-2017)

Salama, who has taken part in a savings group and trained in business skills, looks after a customer at her salon. Photo: Modern Tushabe/Enterprise Innovations

Where: Kampala, Uganda

What: helping youth by increasing employment skills and opportunities, business knowledge, access to reproductive health information and community participation

improved quality of life for 2,473 youth (2016-17)

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Rose and her husband Chief John, who’ve worked hard to address domestic violence within their community, sit outside their church in Vanuatu.

Where: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Timor-Leste

What: faith and community leaders championing prevention of gender-based violence, child protection, facilitation of counselling services and access to justice for survivors

2,967 people involved (2016-17)

World Vision Project Coordinator Domingos Carvalho delivers health booklets to midwife Filomena Martins at a health post.

Where: Timor-Leste

What: a maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition project improving access to essential healthcare services, engaging parents’ groups and training health workers

4,880 people benefited (2016-17)

Project participant Gandulam harvests vegetables to feed her family. She can also sell her produce at the local market.

Where: Ghor, Afghanistan

What: establishing 24 farmers’ field schools in 20 villages and providing agricultural training to improve vegetable production, benefiting farmers and their families

540 men and women supported (2016-2017)

Preschool head teacher Francisca da Costa and volunteer teacher Zeila (right) have learnt new educational skills during the project.

Where: Timor-Leste

What: enhancing 15 early childhood care and development centres, training teachers, and providing early learning opportunities to prepare children for formal education

603 children and 221 parents and guardians involved (2016-2017)


World Vision Australia wishes to acknowledge that these projects’ achievements would not have been possible without the generous support of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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