Where the funds go

Where the funds go

For over 50 years we have worked hard to make sure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring maximum impact to children and communities in need.

World Vision provides relief in emergency situations and works on long-term community development projects to assist millions of people worldwide.
Together, this work addresses the causes of poverty and helps people to move towards self-sufficiency.

How we use funds to make change happen

Field programs and advocacy work

These funds go to support and carry out programs that benefit children and their communities. This includes our work here in Australia with Indigenous communities and community education that help address global poverty and injustice.

This also includes funds to support the World Vision Partnership’s global operations, including the cost of technical experts who oversee and coordinate disaster relief, development and international advocacy activities. This ensures efficiencies and maximises economies of scale. To read more about how we work through the World Vision Partnership, see our Annual Report.


Fundraising is important in generating donations of cash, food and goods. Public
fundraising includes the cost for gaining long-term supporters so that our work can continue.

ministration and accountability

This is essential to the day to day running of our work, and includes operating our supporter service centre, and our finance, administration, HR and management teams.

The figures above reflect how funds were used during World Vision Australia's 2020 financial year.

83.8% of total funds received go to field programs and advocacy work – helping families and communities
Where the funds go

*The ratios in this chart don’t include non-cash income from significant contracts we secured from the UN World Food Programme at minimal cost. As a result, the percentage of funds applied to “our work” in this chart is slightly different to the chart on page 42 of our 2021 Annual Report.

Why your help is so important

Our work is made possible mainly by the support of generous Australians. We rely on people like you to donate to our programs and appeals so we can provide vital short and long-term help to people worldwide.