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Malnourished girl holding therapeutic food pack

Baby Hamdi sucks on the emergency therapeutic food provided by World Vision supporters.

Fighting the threat of famine in Somalia

The world is seeing one of its worst humanitarian disasters of the century in the form of the global hunger crisis. In Somalia – the epicentre of the crisis – children like Baby Hamdi are fighting for their lives with severe malnutrition.

At only seven months old, Hamdi weighed four kilograms when she was brought into a World Vision clinic – not much more than a newborn.

But the health professionals at the World Vision clinic knew what to do. They have seen many of these cases before. Baby Hamdi was put on a malnutrition program, which included administering her with emergency therapeutic foods. They treated her for measles, and acute diarrhea caused by the lack of clean water in drought. It’s been a month and Hamdi is well on the road to recovery with a healthier weight of 5.2 kilograms.

To make sure she doesn’t fall into malnutrition again, Baby Hamdi’s mother will receive $150 cash vouchers from World Vision to help her get back onto her feet. Helpless a few months back, Hamdi’s mother now feels optimistic about the future.

Due to the prolonged drought in Somalia, three million farm animals have died, land is barren, and families have lost the means to provide for their children. To date, one million people have fled to makeshift shelters in urban centres in search of food aid. The situation is much worse than the Somalia famine of 2011 where 260,000 lives were lost.

World Vision is on the frontlines across 26 countries tackling the hunger epidemic. We are providing emergency food and therapeutic milk to children like Baby Hamdi. We are running mobile health clinics focussed on treating malnutrition. We are trucking water to parched communities. But we need your help to continue.

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Cheru drinking clean water

Bringing clean water to Kenya

In Kenya, 5-year-old Cheru had to walk nearly two hours a day to collect water leaving little time for school and other activities. Thanks to a pipeline gifted by World Vision supporters, Cheru and her community can now access fresh clean water from a tap near their houses.

“This water tastes good,” she says, eyes shining brightly. With the water kiosk only a few steps away, Cheru’s mother Monica fills jerrycans full of clean water to provide for her children, allowing them to consistently attend Kesot Primary School.

With clean water also available at the three primary schools dotted along the pipeline, many more students like Cheru are attending school – and classes are overflowing. New classrooms are being built to accommodate the influx in attendance. When class begins, Cheru is quick to raise her hand to answer questions, “I love school,” she says.

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Sadgul, Afghanistan beekeeper

Empowering women in Zambia

Emma, 43, is a single mother with seven children living in Zambia. Thanks to World Vision supporters, a community savings group was set up in her village which acts like a local bank. Emma was able to borrow funds and start a clothing business, which means her children no longer have to go hungry.

World Vision invited Emma to join a community savings group, where she was initially reluctant because she had no money. Encouraged by World Vision, Emma joined having to save just 5 Kwacha (AU$0.56) per month, it was not long until Emma was feeling empowered. Now Emma says, “The saving’s group renewed hope and opportunity and my health improved. My family now live a better life.”

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