The lasting impact of World Vision Gifts

The lasting impact of World Vision Gifts

World Vision Gifts are so much more than they seem. That’s because they can help vulnerable children and families around the world lift themselves from poverty.

Something as simple as clean drinking water can mean that children are able to grow up healthy and strong, attend school and build futures full of opportunity. Or helping a woman start a business can assist her to provide for her children and create new jobs in her community. That’s why when you give a World Vision Gift, you help deliver long-lasting change for the children, families and communities who need it most.

See how your gift helps change lives

Click on the icons to see the work supported by World Vision Gifts purchased during 2017 and 2018. These projects have also been supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Real stories of change

Amena with goats

Goats, ducks and chickens help make a life-changing difference

In northern Bangladesh, Amena and her family were struggling to survive. Her father Afjal was working as a labourer for just 200 takas (AU$3.30) per day.  

“It is too difficult for my father to bear all family expenses,” Amena tells us. They did not have enough money for food, clothes or shelter, and Amena’s older sister Arfatun had to leave school.  

But everything changed when they received two goats, 16 ducks and 21 chickens from World Vision. Amena was very excited when the gifts arrived. “I was feeling very lucky … it was an amazing feeling,” she recalls.  

Now they have plenty of nutritious milk and with the income Amena’s mother makes selling eggs, she can feed and clothe the children – as well as send them to school!


A single tap brings hope and change to a community

On a scorching hot day in a small village in Afghanistan, children laugh as they fill buckets with water from a tap, splashing each other to cool down. 

The tap has helped change the lives of children and families after it was installed by World Vision as part of a solar-powered water network project. Previously, children walked long distances each day to collect water from a dirty river. Water-borne illnesses like diarrhoea affected over 65 percent of children. 

Now that the community enjoys clean water close to home, children stay healthy and attend school – which means they can build brighter futures. “When our children are healthy, they can be educated and develop our village,” Village elder Baba says.


Life has changed after receiving a goat from World Vision

Nazbibi’s family were at breaking point. After a long drought in Afghanistan they had lost their entire flock of sheep – their only source of income. 

Then, right when they needed it most, relief came. Thanks to supporters, World Vision delivered a female goat and her two kids to the struggling family.   

The goat has become a lifeline for the family, producing up to 1.5 litres of milk per day. Nazbibi and her siblings no longer go to school hungry. “I can make different things … which I can [send with] my children to school to eat during breaks,” says Zainab, Nazbibi’s mother.   

Now, not only do the children get essential nutrients from the milk that will help them grow up strong and healthy, the family also have a new source of income. And with it, a new source of hope for the future. 

Choose gifts full of meaning

This Christmas, choose gifts that can help bring lasting change to children and families around the world. 

I give the gift because I am teaching my kids to be helpful, generous and kind to people around them …
– Nancy, World Vision supporter for four years