When you select your gift, you have three options: 

Emailed card: We will email your eGift card to your family and friends. You can choose for it to go out straight away or schedule a date for it to be sent. 

Print your own card: Download a printable PDF you can easily fold into a card and hand to your loved ones yourself. Great for putting under (or on) a tree. 

No card: Just want to buy a gift for a child in need? That’s fine too! Buy your gift and we will email you a receipt for your generous donation. 

Absolutely. If you don’t want your eGift card emailed right away, you can choose to schedule it for any date up to two months from the date of purchase. You can select your send date at checkout. Your eGift card will be emailed at 9am AEST/AEDT on that date. 

The gift you buy represents an item from our program areas around the world such as health, education, food and nutrition, water and sanitation, and building family incomes. 

Funds from your gift purchases are pooled together to support a specific category and will be used to transform the lives of children as well as their families. The item on the gift you buy may be the one that is actually delivered, but at the end of the day the gifts we deliver will be based on need. 

For example, if a community already has enough cows, we will help them tackle poverty in other life-changing ways. In this way, your donation will deliver the greatest impact, to the children who need it most. 

Every World Vision gift you buy represents a real item from our work around the world. Funds from your gift purchases are pooled to support work in a specific category such as health, water, emergencies, empowering women or building family incomes. If we receive contributions in excess of the needs in a particular category, we will use it in other categories in the catalogue where it is most needed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send gifts to individual sponsored children or communities, but please be assured these gifts will help change lives for people experiencing poverty around the world. When you choose a World Vision gift, you’ll help many families and communities – including those outside the reach of child and community sponsorship. This means your support can go even further.
All gifts and donations are tax deductible and will be listed on your tax statement at the end of financial year. 
Unfortunately, once an eGift card has been sent to your recipient, we can’t send it to a different email address. But we can provide you with a link you so you can print out a gift card instead. Just call us on 13 32 40 or email service@worldvision.com.au.

Yes, you can send as many eGift cards as you like. But each eGift card will be sent as a separate email. Just choose your gift, write your message and send it off. 

High Impact gifts are designed to help create bigger and lasting change for communities in need.  

Funds from your High Impact gift purchases are pooled to support work in their specific category, such as livelihoods, health, or water and sanitation, and delivered to areas where we are working – enabling us to use our existing programs to deliver greater impact for those who need it most.  

High Impact gifts help with large-scale change like supplying clean water to 24 communities, giving shelter to 6,240 people in crisis, or constructing classrooms for children in crisis. Now that’s lasting impact.

Like many organisations we're adapting our strategy and becoming more digitally focused to maximise our funds for our development work. We invite you to browse our selection of gifts online and choose the print your own card or e-card options as printed catalogues and gift cards are no longer available.
Like many organisations we're adapting our strategy and becoming more digitally focused to maximise our funds for our development work. We invite you to choose the print your own card options as printed gift cards are no longer available.
No, we are no longer producing printed cards for sale as we have moved to a more digitally-focussed (and environmentally-friendly) solution. If you would like a printed card, you can easily print it yourself at home. If you see our World Vision staff at the shops, feel free to enquire about our gifts. We would be happy to show you how you can purchase them online.

World Vision eGift cards represent a donation to World Vision Australia and we do not offer refunds if you change your mind.

In the unlikely event your charity eGift card does not display properly, or you do not receive it, we’d be happy to arrange a replacement for you. To arrange a replacement, or for any other queries about your order, please contact our team on 13 32 40 or email service@worldvision.com.au