Corporate partnerships

Win-Win-Win solutions for companies, customers and communities

Corporate partnerships

Win-Win-Win solutions for companies, customers and communities

Pay it forward whilst growing your business

You want to transform your business; we want to transform the world. Change making doesn’t just take place on the field – it can start in the workplace. A partnership with World Vision can help you engage staff, deliver on corporate social responsibility, save on tax and boost your business' visibility and integrity.

Better yet, we’re great to work with!
Our solutions are cost-effective, high-impact and backed by an experienced global team. We’ll provide the support and creative assets you need to help your business reach new audiences and help create translational impact and lasting change

Good for the world

Good for business

You can partner with World Vision to:

Build customer loyalty

Retain and attract passionate consumers
willing to back your brand.

Engage staff

Motivate, unite and empower staff
by creating a culture of giving.

Stand out from the pack

Align your brand with a better
future for children and communities
around the world.

3 in 5 Australians think more of a company

that supports worthy causes

Over 50% feel increased loyalty

to that brand

80% of global consumers believe

business should address societal issues

By 2025

millennials will make up three-quarters of the global workforce:

76% consider a company’s

social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work

75% would take a pay cut

to work for a socially responsible company

By 2020

generation Z (those born from1995-2010) will account for 40 percent of all consumers:

60% want their work

to make a difference

94% believe companies

should help address social and environmental issues

Change-making corporates

How a charity partnership  can grow your business

Engage staff

Culture is a currency in the workplace. By establishing a culture of social initiative and generosity, you can help motivate, unite and empower your staff – positioning your company as a socially aware employer of choice.

Activate customers

Research is unanimous: customers care if you care. They’re also vocal about it. By partnering with a non-profit organisation , you can attract passionate consumers willing to back your brand – helping to expand your customer base and generate a buzz.

Create a culture of giving

Your business can be an agent for tremendous social change, working to end poverty or eradicate disease. A non-profit partnership can help to create a culture of giving among staff and consumers, adding to the story of your brand and building valuable social capital.

The bottom line

Donations made to World Vision are tax deductible, leading to significant savings come tax time. Our long-term approach to development, which addresses both societal and environmental issues, can also help improve triple bottom line and sustainability reporting for our corporate partners.

Why partner with World Vision?

What a World Vision partnership gives you access to


We’ll work with you to develop a partnership that fits your business purpose, engages employees and inspires customers. You’ll also have the support of business expertise and an account manager, who will provide regular contact and updates. 


Regular, evidence-based reports of your positive impact to share with stakeholders, boards, staff and customers.


We believe real change is worth sharing. We’re backed by a strong creative team of photographers, designers, videographers, social media curators and content producers.


We work closely with leading Australian organisations, influencers and media to promote our work and innovative partnerships. 

Get involved

Want to empower staff, boost brand loyalty and help transform lives around the world?
Get in touch and we’ll set up time for a chat.
Please tell us a little about your business first – this will help us come up with some appropriate partnership ideas.

Socially aware solutions

Wondering how to partner your business with a charity ? World Vision can work with you to create tailor-made solutions to help you enrich the customer experience, reach your business targets and engage staff.

Partnerships can include:

  • Workplace giving programs and gift matching
  • Cause-related marketing or ‘buy one give one’ promotions
  • In-kind gifts and services, such as resources or corporate volunteering
  • Social enterprises and community development partnerships
  • Emergency appeals and corporate charity events 

every cent counts

StarKids: from cabin to social change

“Jetstar’s charitable partnership with World Vision gives all staff a sense of greater responsibility and reinforces the strength of organisational culture.”

Our decade-long partnership with Jetstar has helped raise almost $10 million towards World Vision’s work with Indigenous Australian and global communities.

Meet the companies leading the change

Our corporate partners are helping to empower communities in Australia and throughout the world.