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Australian companies and community groups partner with World Vision Australia to use products for good.

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Contributing physical resources to communities in need is a central part of World Vision Australia’s work, and can play a key role in your partnership with us.

We serve as a link between corporate and community partners in Australia and communities in the developing world, providing them with impactful resources to achieve strategic development outcomes.

Why donate resources?

Donation of resources and inventory with World Vision will also deliver significant benefits for your business or group, which may include:

  • Donating resources to World Vision Australia provides an inventory management solution that has a hugely positive benefit to the developing world
  • No matter the size or duration of your contribution, we value your partnership, and will work to show you the impact of your contribution
  • Your organisation will receive recognition as a World Vision Partner and the opportunity to leverage World Vision Australia’s trusted brand, significant reach and valued reputation
  • Increased staff motivation, satisfaction and retention through customised partnership activities that engage and inspire
  • We are the only international NGO in Australia to offer an overseas donated resources solution – donated goods can bring similar tax benefits to financial contributions. To ensure this works for your organisation, please seek financial advice
  • Opportunities for media exposure and community recognition through creative and targeted partnership campaigns and activities
  • Delivery on your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives via a partnership based on shared value
  • The global World Vision partnership has an extensive logistics and supply chain network, leveraging over fifty years of implementing non-cash resources in difficult contexts

Donating physical goods is a different experience from making  a financial contribution.

Become a partner

Invitation to partner

If you’re a business or community group with high-quality, high-impact resources, World Vision is seeking to partner with groups who wish to make a difference overseas. Together, we can help kids get better education, to help adults earn a better living, and to help communities achieve better health outcomes.

If you would like to contribute to a world free from poverty, and in doing so benefit from an alignment with the respected brand and work of World Vision, we invite you to contact us.

What can't we accept?

  • Small volumes of goods. Due to the high costs of international freight, we ensure that things we send to our field projects are impacting at the community level, so we’re not able to assist with items that aren’t in bulk.
  • Most clothing (with the exception of new, warm clothing or protective workwear). As most of the communities we work with utilise clothing production as a source of income, we want to make sure we’re not damaging local economies with resources we send.
  • Mixed items. We do not have the staff resources domestically or overseas to sort mixed items – if you’d like to arrange a collection of items, you can find a list of organisations that might find them useful at GiveNow’s database of charitable organisations.

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