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Australian companies can donate resources that meet direct needs and support World Vision's programming around the world. It's a practical and rewarding way to change lives.

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World Vision Australia serves as a link between partners in Australia and communities in the developing world, providing them with resources to address the root causes of poverty.

The global World Vision partnership has an extensive logistics and supply chain network, leveraging over fifty years of implementing non-cash resources in difficult contexts.

We want to secure new, high-quality, high-impact resources that meet a genuine need in our field programs. Our top resource priorities are tools, toys, and technology - which can be used to support a range of education, economic development and health programs.

Why partner with World Vision?

Donated goods can bring similar tax benefits to financial contributions, as well as a range of other positive outcomes for both your business or group and the developing world. You can create value for your customers, maximise your social impact, enrich your brand identity and increase staff engagement.

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Our partners

Wheelchairs for kids

Wheelchairs for Kids make durable wheelchairs that have been integrated in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda. Through partnering with World Vision, Wheelchairs for Kids has helped to provide mobility to vulnerable children. Mobility allows children to attend school, become engaged members of their communities and achieve their full potential.

Wrap with love

Wrap with Love provide colourful woollen blankets, hand knitted by their passionate volunteers to children in Southern and Eastern Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Wraps with Love are a long serving partner of eleven years, whose blankets act as an incentive for families to attend health clinics, while keeping children warm and happy.


Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, technology, and Services Company who believe that engagement is the foundation of learning. Through their generous donations, Cengage have helped to engage a new generation of readers in countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.


Pearson Education Australia’s mission is to help people make more of their lives through learning. Through partnering with World Vision, Pearson has provided much needed educational textbooks to children in Eastern and Southern Africa, changing their lives through transformational literacy.

Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)’s mission is to ensure all women have access to clean and safe birthing practices. Through partnering with World Vision, the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) has provided some of the world’s most vulnerable women in countries like Somalia, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda with a clean birth.

Invitation to partner

If you’re a business or community group with new, high-quality, high-impact resources, World Vision is seeking to partner with groups who wish to make a difference overseas. Together, we can help kids get a better education, adults earn a better income, and communities achieve better health outcomes.

If you would like to contribute to a world free from poverty, and in doing so benefit from an alignment with the respected brand and work of World Vision, we invite you to contact us.