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Let World Vision be your business solution partner. Donate products to help children, families and communities in need around the world.

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Whether you want to repurpose excess stock or add value to your brand, donating business resources can help transform lives.



World Vision is a fast, efficient and responsible business solution with excellent supply chain management.

We partner with Australian businesses and organisations who want to leverage their products to create change for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


Partnering together for good

Taking action benefits not only the developing world, but your business.

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How it works

1. World Vision National offices determine which resources are most needed

2. We work with corporate and NGO partners to secure resources that meet minimum standards

3. Resource is shipped overseas from our warehouse to the National Office

4. World Vision staff in National Offices match resource to local community needs

5. We conduct reporting and evaluations to improve future shipments

Essential needs

We’re seeking new, high-quality, high-impact resources to support a range of initiatives transforming vulnerable communities, including our education, health, livelihoods and water programs.


Computer training  at a Child-Friendly Space (CFS) and Early Childhood Education (ECE) center for Syrian refugee children, near Zahle', Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.


For example: smart phones, tablets, solar technology, desktop computers, laptops, cameras



For example: hand tools, vocational training equipment, sewing machines.


Teacher hands books to children

School supplies

For example: textbooks, story books, classroom supplies, educational toys, backpacks, crayons, stationery, calculators, lab equipment



For example: blankets, health supplies, WHO-compliant wheelchairs, sanitary pads




Our partners

World Vision makes it easy for us to get our product to places where it can make a difference. The process was simpler than I imagined and I got some great reports back about how much of an impact our company is making