Seeing the changes for themselves

Community sponsors, Scott and Rose, visited Nyakitonto on a recent trip to Africa to learn more about how their support is making a difference. There they saw how changes in knowledge, attitudes and practice are enabling families to start creating a brighter future for their children.


Providing new livelihood opportunities

The Three-in-one Partnership, conducted by World Vision along with VisionFund and the Great African Food Company, saw 195 farmers harvest 28,972kg of produce and earn a collective US$18,115, despite inconsistent rainfall which could have destroyed their crops.

Fish farms have been introduced as a new livelihood opportunity; 24 fish ponds are host to more than 50,000 fish that can be bred and sold for income.

As one of the poorest areas in Tanzania, these projects are helping the people of Nyakitonto access new opportunities to increase their household income. As the community work together, it creates a halo effect of economic growth that can benefit the entire region. The end goal is a more prosperous community, where families have the resources to provide a good life for their children.


Improving access to quality education

New classrooms and toilet facilities have been constructed for local schools in two villages where there was previously no primary school for children. Teachers have also been trained in improved teaching methodologies.

With these improved facilities and more engaging lessons, there has been a 38 percent increase in student enrolment. Schools are maintaining an attendance rate of 95 percent – so more students are staying in school longer.

That means they’ll be more likely to pursue higher education and enjoy better employment opportunities as adults. Your support is helping to break the cycle of poverty for communities, through education.


Helping improve community health and nutrition

Pregnant mothers and children have benefited from mobile health clinics bringing health services closer to home; an average of 250 children and 20 pregnant mothers attend each clinic. These clinics are providing services that otherwise would have been almost impossible for families living in remote communities to access.

An immunisation program saw 4,800 children protected against disease. Education about the importance of a balanced diet is helping to reduce malnutrition. A vitamin A supplement exercise has been conducted in partnership with government health staff.

Together, these efforts are helping the Nyakitonto community progress towards their goal of healthy and malnutrition-free families by 2020.


An update from Dyanka, Nyakitonto Area Program Manager

Vicent’s dedication to improving his skills

Vicent is one of the community members in Nyakitonto who never miss an opportunity to attend World Vision trainings, meetings or discussions. He’s participated in commercial produce groups, market-led agriculture training, savings groups and more.

With dedication and enthusiasm, he’s been actively implementing everything he learns and has seen a great improvement in his income and food security. Vicent has also learned new farming techniques, equipping him to farm in the dry season and well as the rainy. Now he can reap all the benefits of his land year-round, helping him create a more sustainable income and increasing his ability to plan for the future.

He’s also producing higher quality beans and maize, and has been able to increase the value of his cassava crops with the use of a cassava processing machine. The extra income has even helped him to establish another small business, a restaurant.

“I thank World Vision and all sponsors, who make our area program shine and proceed with our plans. All I managed to establish bring[s] income and additional food, [and as a result], I manage to [take] care of my family. Frankly speaking, I cover smoothly all school needs for my children and health services costs,” Vicent shares. “I at least implemented most of the knowledge I obtained.”

Vicent isn’t just passionate about World Vision’s work because of the impact it has had on his own life – he loves seeing the other changes in his community too. As a member of the local area program management committee, he has the chance to visit different community projects funded with your support.

“I meet various individuals and groups who tell the same story, story of positive changes,” says Vicent.

This fantastic story is just the beginning. The change your support makes is real. Together we’re making a difference for the people of Nyakitonto.

Dyanka Bilagambalaye
Nyakitonto Area Program Manager

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