Child hunger levels are the highest they’ve been in generations. Food assistance is urgently needed to prevent the deaths of thousands of people. 
Your sponsorship won’t just provide emergency assistance, you will help millions of children break the cycle of hunger by creating access to food, clean water, education and farming programs.

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Every 60 seconds

a hungry child is fed

Over 4.5 million children

in 37 countries were provided with education in 2022

3 million people

gained access to clean water including 1,534 schools

Enough is enough. Let's end child hunger once and for all.

Young African boy carrying his brother

The hunger crisis is threatening the lives of children like Blue. 

Blue’s 4-year-old brother, Sunday is severely malnourished. Determined to make sure his little brother gets his one school meal a day, Blue carries him 7km to school every day. 

Two Kenyan boys eating at school outside

School meals enabled by sponsors help children beat hunger
12 schools in John’s area are being supported with emergency school meals. “Even when I go home and there is no food, I am okay,” says John. “Since I have already eaten at school.” 

Help end child hunger now  

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When you sponsor a child, you provide them with child protection and empower them through education. 

How does child sponsorship work? 

For $48 a month, you get to create a real connection with a child, and support them through a range of development programs.