Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gifts

Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gifts

The power of Secret Santa and Kris Kringle charity donations

If selecting your Kris Kringle gives you Claus for concern, why not choose the gift of an ethical Christmas and give a Secret Santa charity gift with the power to change a world?

Wave goodbye to your inner grinch and rushed last-minute Kris Kringle gifts, and give a gift guaranteed to impact lives. A World Vision Secret Santa charity donation delivers a multitude of gifts to those who need it the most. From work colleagues to family and friends, our unique range of Kris Kringle gift ideas is a convenient and conscientious way to surprise others this Christmas.

Need a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa gift idea?

Ready to think outside of the box? In need of an office Secret Santa gift idea that is unique, one-of-a-kind and yet wields the power to make a sustainable impact in the lives of children and families affected by conflict, disaster and poverty? Why brave the Christmas crowds when you can shop from the comfort of home when you shop online Kris Kringle gifts with World Vision. If you would like help in choosing the right gift, come visit us at one of our store locations, where we can advise. 


For the friend who values education – or writes lengthy post-it notes.

School pencils

Educational tools like school pencils help children learn how to write, aid in the development of fine motor skills in younger children and engage in an education where their future is brimming with opportunity.

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For the friend who loves animals – or the office comedi-hen.

Chickens and eggs

Did you know that two chickens can provide a family with up to 1,000 eggs per year? Impressive we know! A potent source of protein, this gift also has the power to create livelihoods for families and their community.

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For the friend who supports early learning – or the young at heart.

Toys for learning

Help support children to become school ready through educational toys. Specifically chosen for playgroups, to stimulate young minds and prepare younger children for a future full of learning success.

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For the friend who values health – or creates a buzz around the office.

Mosquito nets

Repellent-treated mosquito nets help protect a family from deadly diseases and offer a powerful defence against one of the most destructive global health issues.

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For the friend who champions entrepreneurs – or is the office Queen Bee.

Train a beekeeper

With this office Kris Kringle gift idea you are giving a gift with the power of 50 kilos of nutritious honey annually! With training and tools to set up beehives, farmers can develop and grow a thriving business and better provide for their families.

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Kris Kringle and Secret Santa Gifts – Sarah

Sarah, 9, has never gone to school. “I like to go to school, but I have to work,” she says. Sarah helps her mother at home and cleans wools with her. “This is my first time someone is giving such a colourful blanket. I have been always share a blanket with my sister. Tonight I will use my own blanket.”

Give a gift that changes a child’s world


In 2018 research showed Australians spent almost $11 billion on gifts for their friends and family. Thankfully, charitable donations are becoming increasingly popular. Statistics show that 43 percent of people plan to donate, and because of increased environmental awareness 47 percent of Australians will give more sustainable gifts this Christmas.

$11 billion has the power to:

  • Provide almost eight million communities with clean water.
  • Put more than 78 million girls through school.
  • Provide educational and cultural empowerment bundles to the Indigenous population of Australia – seven times over.
  • Provide half the population of the African continent with mosquito nets.

 The money spent on Christmas decorations alone has the power to:

  • Gift more than seven million families with sustainable food for life.
  • Help 20 million women start a business.
  • Provide emergency shelter to 10 million people fleeing conflict, disaster and poverty.


How do World Vision’s gifts work?

Every World Vision gift represents a real item from our work around the world, helping to transform the lives of people living in poverty by providing food, clean water and other life-changing essentials. Your unique donation will be used to best meet the needs of a community, ensuring your generous support will go where it is needed most. So how does your Kris Kringle gift work?

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