Volunteers FAQ

Interested in volunteering with World Vision Australia?

Here are the most common questions we get asked by people interested in our volunteer program. If you have any other questions, or if you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

We engage volunteers because of their passion, enthusiasm, skills and experience; but most of all because they share a common goal in wanting to help the world’s poorest children and communities.

Volunteering allows people to support this cause in non-financial ways.

Volunteers are an essential part of World Vision.

When you volunteer with World Vision you can become involved in a vast network of likeminded people who are passionate and motivated about World Vision’s mission of eliminating poverty.

Occasionally. But like everyone else, volunteers must go through the same application process, so it’s fair for all.

Yes. ​Some of our volunteers who work full time find time to volunteer during the evening or on weekends. Some even have the support of their employers to be involved in short-term or one-off projects.
It depends. There is a range of volunteer roles requiring different amounts of time – from full-time placements to one-off projects. 

We can work around you, based on your availability.

Sorry, not with World Vision. 

All our development projects are run in partnership with World Vision national offices in the countries where we work and they recruit qualified local staff. This promotes better community engagement and outcomes. 

If you’re interested in volunteering overseas, please contact: 

• Global Vision International: 1300 795 013 
• Australian Volunteers International: 03 9279 1788
• Scope Global: 08 8331 8944

There is currently an email scam inviting people to travel to Nigeria and work in a World Vision orphanage. World Vision has no association with this scam and we do not operate in Nigeria. We do not run orphanages in any country. 

If you receive this email, please report it to the Australian Federal Police or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

We also ask that you contact World Vision directly on 13 32 40.

Unfortunately not. We do not have the resources to sponsor volunteers from overseas.

If you're overseas, visit the World Vision International website and select the appropriate region you are in to view the current volunteer opportunities that are available.

By partnering with World Vision, Australian businesses can occasionally meet some of their corporate social responsibility goals through volunteer opportunities for their employees. 

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately we do not currently offer work experience placements, however there are still many ways to get involved:

Signing up to Job Alerts on our Careers page, you'll also stay up to date with the latest opportunities.