Volunteering at World Vision

Sophie Tudor, volunteer at World Vision Australia.

A passion for changing lives

Professionals, students, retirees and the general public … World Vision volunteers come from all walks of life, yet they share one common goal: a passion for improving the lives of the world's poorest people. 

There's something special about getting involved with World Vision.

Why people like to volunteer for World Vision

Aside from wanting to work with others to overcome poverty, people are inspired to volunteer with World Vision for other reasons:

  • Professional service people can represent their company and practise corporate social responsibility, or volunteer as a professional individual
  • Students can enjoy meeting other young people and get work experience at the same time
  • Those between jobs can make the best of their free time before starting a new job
  • Retirees can make good use of years of experience
  • Those with spare time can be rewarded with a fulfilling experience.

How to Apply

  The best way to learn about our current volunteer opportunities at World Vision is to visit our job search page.  This is where we advertise all of our current national volunteer opportunities.

This site is updated regularly and we advise you to keep an eye on this site, and apply for any volunteer opportunities you think suitable for yourself. We will need an application for a specific volunteering opportunity.