Help more children gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

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We're working to bring lasting, quality education to more children. So they can secure their futures. 

Education is the beginning. The foundation we need to learn, grow and thrive. Yet millions of children don’t get this chance, due to issues like economic hardship, gender inequality, and a lack of teachers, resources and infrastructure. The total number of out-of-school children through age 15 is 120 million.

Our efforts focus on the most vulnerable, at each stage of development. In early childhood, we help children develop a strong foundation. We help primary school children gain equal access to education, so they can learn reading, basic maths and essential life skills. And we help adolescents with applied skills to assist them in everyday life.

Rather than simply increasing enrolment and providing one-off resources, we focus on education quality. We mobilise communities and local partner organisations to manage initiatives themselves. And we integrate activities with our work in health, water, livelihoods and emergencies – all part of our community development approach – to truly make a lasting difference.

50 years towards better education

Help children gain essential skills

These are the kinds of activities your support will make possible. 


Early childhood development

Promoting health, nutrition and child protection for pregnant women and children under three, through support from our community health workers.

Literacy and basic education

Partnering with governments, universities and donors to provide teacher training and locally relevant teaching and learning materials. 

Adolescent life skills

Helping students develop livelihood and citizenship skills to be productive and active members of their communities, often through a mentoring relationship.

Education in emergencies

Providing temporary child-friendly learning spaces, access to learning and emotional support, and capacity building for teachers and caregivers.

Education technology

Strengthening existing programming by promoting digital literacy and improving access, monitoring, and engagement for different learning styles and abilities.

Safe schools

Promoting school environments where children’s rights are protected, including through sound infrastructure and protection from violence.  


Help us bring education to millions of children  


children in Ethiopia

have benefited from World Vision and Save the Children's Literacy Boost program.



in six continents have seen improvements through education programs across the World Vision International Partnership.

10 percent

higher wages

are earned with each additional year of schooling.

Support our work in education
Help  more children gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 
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Our work in education is one part of our approach to community development. Choose how you want to make change. 

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