Help children and their families build better and more resilient livelihoods.

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You can get them beyond the struggle to get by. Where they'll start building. Strengthening their position. And investing in the future. 

Around the world, 2.2 billion people live on less than $2 a day. 900 million people work but don’t earn enough to escape poverty. And 795 million don’t have enough food to lead a healthy life.

As many communities we work with rely on agriculture for food and income, we help them grow more crops of higher nutritional and market value – in a sustainable way. We also work to make market relationships more equitable, assisting people with education and skills training, business coaching and small business loans.

With food security, income security, and livelihoods that can withstand shocks and stresses, the most vulnerable parents and caregivers can move forward. They can provide for their children’s health, education, nutrition, and general wellbeing. Then there’s no telling how far they’ll go.   

50 years of improving livelihoods

Help build the foundation they build their lives on

Our world-class livelihoods programming is based on innovative practices and business principles. These are just some of the activities your support will make possible. 


Savings groups

Enabling communities to generate and manage savings and loans on a small scale and in a sustainable way. This means they can plan ahead and invest in their future. 

Business facilitation

Providing training and coaching for people to start or strengthen their own small businesses. And working with actors in the local economy – like government and businesses – to reduce barriers to growth.

SKYE Clubs

Skills and knowledge for youth economic empowerment: helping disadvantaged youth develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to build sustainable livelihoods and participate constructively in their communities.

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

Helping farmers around the world regenerate millions of hectares and improve their farms’ productivity and sustainability, through this rapid, low cost and easily replicable approach to revitalising land.


Linking aspiring small business owners with sustainable companies, to generate income and enable them to provide their communities with valuable goods and services.

Climate-smart agriculture

Training farmers in interventions that increase their ability to respond and adapt to climate change. These include planting drought-tolerant crops, intercropping, and storing seeds and surplus stocks.

Fuel-efficient cook stoves

Improving health, protecting the environment and providing social and economic benefits (such as carbon credits, and fewer school days lost to firewood collection) through clean and energy-efficient stoves.

Local value chain development

Helping small-scale farmers increase their incomes by working in groups to better understand and connect to markets.

Who says you can't change the world?  

12 million+


were reached by an estimated 821 programs implementing household resilience and livelihood approaches in 2015.



are served by World Vision with one of the world’s largest microsavings programs.

6 million


have improved their crops and reduced hunger through our pioneering work in Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration.

Figures are based on global programming across the World Vision International Partnership. 

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Help  families to improve their livelihoods and increasingly provide for their children. 
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Our work in livelihoods is part of our approach to community development.
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