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Every child deserves a chance. But there are still too many deaths that simply don't need to happen. You'll help more women and children survive and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Every day 16,000 children under five die, mostly from preventable causes. And around 830 women die from preventable causes linked to pregnancy and childbirth. Many children don’t get enough nourishment in their first 1,000 days, hindering growth, brain function and immunity.

World Vision is a leading NGO investor addressing these challenges. Our goal is to improve health and nutrition, contributing to the global reduction of deaths among mothers and children under five.

To do this, we tackle the big picture. Rather than simply providing one-off resources, we empower families through education and lasting behavioural change. We build community capacity to monitor and address causes of death and illness. And we advocate for quality health services, including through partnering with governments.

50 years towards better health

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Help communities meet their health needs

These are just some of the high-impact, innovative activities your support will make possible. 


Core interventions for children under two

Promoting evidence-based and cost-effective preventative interventions, including appropriate breastfeeding, essential newborn care, full immunisation, vitamin A supplementation, and oral rehydration therapy, among others.  

Channels of Hope

Empowering faith leaders to champion positive attitudes and behaviours, for example around preventative health practices, good habits and the eradication of culturally-embedded stigma surrounding diseases like HIV. 

Core interventions for pregnant women

Promoting evidence-based and cost-effective preventative interventions, including adequate diet, iron/folate supplements, malaria prevention, de-worming, birth preparedness, and access to maternal health services, among others.  

Community health workers

Equipping and training community members (often volunteers) to visit vulnerable families in the most remote places and support them in making good health choices.  

Family planning

Supporting healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, including through building the capacity of healthcare workers. 


Positive deviance/hearth

Facilitating community- and home-based rehabilitation and behaviour change for families with malnourished children. 

Community management of acute malnutrition

Providing life-saving treatment together with communities and government authorities. This includes during emergencies and situations of protracted food insecurity, or when healthcare access is limited. 

Mobile health and nutrition

Leveraging mobile technology to boost health and nutrition outcomes. For example, by providing distance learning, collecting data, and connecting communities with healthcare workers. 


Who says you can't change the world? 

Number 1

World Vision

is the top-rated practitioner in distributing anti-malaria bed nets and training local health volunteers.

7 million

people vaccinated

for polio by World Vision over the last five years.


community health workers

are supported by World Vision globally.

Figures are based on global programming across the World Vision International Partnership.

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Help  children enjoy good nutrition, protection from infection and disease, and access to affordable essential healthcare. 
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