Meet our corporate partners

Meet our corporate partners

Through corporate charity partnerships with World Vision Australia, the following organisations are engaging staff, volunteers and customers around the goal of making a difference for the world's most vulnerable children and their communities.

Jetstar Partner

Jetstar’s charitable partnership with World Vision gives all staff a sense of greater responsibility and reinforces the strength of organisational culture.


Since 2007, Jetstar's corporate charity partnership with World Vision Australia to help raise more than $10.8 million to support our projects in Asia and in Indigenous Australian communities. Staff are engaged through in-flight fundraising and volunteering opportunities in some of the communities Jetstar is helping to support. 

Through our StarKids partnership, millions of Australians travelling with Jetstar each year have the opportunity to help change lives through the simple act of donating spare change on a flight or a couple of dollars when booking.


Impact stories are shared in Jetstar’s in-flight magazine each month – helping to inspire customers and encourage them to get involved.



Blue Mountains Partnership

Mountain Blue Farms

After working hard to build a successful business, Ridley Bell, founder of Mountain Blue Farms in Lismore NSW, wanted to give something back. 

Thanks to the support of Mountain Blue and their customers, communities in northern Uganda have new health clinics and teacher housing, as well as improved access to clean water and sanitation in local schools. 

In addition, during blueberry season, five cents from every punnet of Mountain Blue’s Eureka Blueberries sold exclusively through Coles Supermarkets goes towards World Vision projects that help farming families around the world to restore the environment and increase their incomes.

Partner with World Vision

Compared to a lot of the world, Australia is a prosperous nation; and as Australian business owners, what an amazing opportunity to bless others.

Platinum Electricians

After building up his business from a one-van operation to a nationwide franchise, Platinum Electricians founder Josh Nicholls came up with a simple idea to pay it forward: for every Platinum Electricians van on the road, a child in need is sponsored. 

Business charity partnerships such as "One Van One Child" provide opportunities for business owners like Josh to engage staff and franchisees. Platinum team members have taken part in field trips so they can see firsthand the impact they’re having on their sponsored children and communities in Zambia and Sri Lanka.

Through the Platinum Foundation, Platinum Electricians has also supported water and sanitation projects and health and nutrition training. 

Partner with World Vision

Blake Publishing

Blake Education has been one of Australia's leading “home grown” educational publishers for over 22 years and they are passionate about seeing young people everywhere reach their full potential through education. 

Corporate partnerships like the one between Blake Education and World Vision Australia help to provide much-needed resources to communities in need. 

Blake Education has donated over $1 million worth of text books and teaching aids to schools in Malawi and Uganda, which have given countless young people the opportunity to gain a great education and hope for the future.


World Vision Partnership

Birthing Kits Foundation Australia

Since 2014, Birthing Kits Foundation Australia and World Vision Australia have connected in a powerful partnership that is helping to end the preventable deaths of mothers and newborns around the world.

So far, we have been able to distribute nearly 60,000 birthing kits packed by volunteers in Australia to women in developing countries. Each kit contains six basic items including a plastic sheet, a sterile scalpel and gloves that can help a skilled birth attendant deliver a baby safely.

With the ongoing goal of addressing the challenge of maternal and infant mortality, we are looking to the future with ambitious targets.

World Vision Partner

Wrap with Love

There are millions of people in the world suffering because of extreme cold. In 1992, Wrap with Love began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm wraps to ward off hypothermia. 

Over the past 14 years, Wrap with Love has partnered with World Vision Australia to deliver more than 125,000 wraps to keep vulnerable children warm in countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Burundi and Iraq. 

With the help of their hardworking and generous volunteers Wrap With Love and World Vision are able to make a difference in the lives of others.

World Vision Partner

Wheelchairs for Kids

In many developing countries, wheelchairs are desperately needed to enable children with a disability to fully participate in family and community life. Wheelchairs For Kids is partnering with us to fill this critical gap.

Wheelchairs for Kids is made up of a group of retired volunteers from Perth who manufacture specialised, all-terrain wheelchairs that conform to World Health Organization guidelines. World Vision delivers these wheelchairs to children in need in countries including Uganda, Malawi and Kenya.

In the field, we partner with Motivation Charitable Trust to ensure each wheelchair is fitted correctly and we work with the local community to raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities. 

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