Warwick leaves a lasting impact

He committed his life to helping those less fortunate than him and he will continue making a difference for generations to come.

Warwick Connor was a caring man who devoted his life to helping people in need. He was orphaned at a young age and faced many challenges growing up, but he was always passionate about giving to others and working hard to achieve success.

He was a trained carpenter who worked diligently to climb the ranks in his field until he became a Senior Technical Officer in the NSW Department of Public Works. From there, he was posted in the Architects Office where he worked on the restoration of some of Australia’s oldest heritage buildings.

After 40 years of public service, retiring in 1999, Warwick was presented with an award for service by the Honorary Bob Carr – the Premier of NSW at the time.

bequests World Vision

Warwick and his nephew, Philip, at the family home in the 1980s.


He became a Christian at a young age. In his spare time, he maintained churches in Sydney, as well as coordinated the refurbishment of many buildings.

It was his mother who inspired him to help others. Warwick became a strong supporter of Christian missions and decided to leave a legacy to them in loving honour of her.


World Vision bequests

Warwick helps prepare the opening of the Ashfield Baptist Childcare Centre.


Warwick chose to leave a gift to World Vision’s Youth Leadership and Livelihood Development Project in Cambodia – a project dedicated to helping youth become financially-independent citizens who lead positive change in their communities.

Cambodia’s youth make up 35 percent of its population, but most young people come from families severely affected by poverty. When a young individual is trapped in a cycle of poverty, they are often forced to give up their education and provide financial support for their families, earning measly incomes that make it hard to survive.

The Youth Leadership and Livelihood Development Project provides youth with the skills, support and mentoring required to obtain entrepreneurial skills and achieve great success in the job market, just like Warwick.

Warwick’s decision to support the project through a gift in his Will helps to create long-lasting change, impacting future generations of the Cambodian community.

Like Warwick, you can also include a gift in your Will to World Vision to help transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities who need our help the most.


Bequests World Vision

Warwick's decision to leave a gift in his Will means families like Monita's can look forward to a brighter future.

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