Sponsors tell their stories

Sponsors tell their stories

Across Australia, families have found that sponsoring a child doesn’t just change the child’s world – it changes their own, too.

The Brusnahan family

The Brusnahan family: The best investment

Emma and Grant can’t say enough good things about sponsoring Christina in Tanzania. They have been inspired by seeing Christina grow, and their three children have learned profound lessons about the value of what they have. “Sponsoring a child is the best investment you can make for your family,” Emma says.

Sponsoring Christina has made me realise that we are extremely privileged and we take our stuff for granted. It has really changed my view on life.
- Chloe, 17
The Chaffey Family

The Chaffey family: A heart for Zimbabwe

When Marilyn and her husband travelled to southern Africa in April 2008, they were so moved by the grim situation in Zimbabwe that they knew they had to act. To date, they’ve sponsored three orphans in Zimbabwe – and they continue to encourage others to sponsor children, too.

Sponsoring a child makes us feel that we can take a small part of what I consider to be our fortunate lives and help make a difference to a child in less fortunate circumstances.
- The Chaffey family

Georgie: I sponsored Nancy to give back

Twenty years ago, Georgie watched a documentary on Africa that moved her to sponsor a child. She started writing encouraging letters to her sponsored child, Nancy in Kenya. What resulted was a deep connection that’s had a profound impact on Nancy’s self-esteem – and twenty years later, Nancy recorded a special thank you to Georgie for her generosity. 

Thinking back now, I was hoping that I was helping … I had no idea to what extent that it would go and what a difference.
- Georgie

The Jory family: We get so much out of sponsorship

Nine years ago, Shane and Kerin Jory sponsored Violet in Zimbabwe, a girl who was the same age as their daughter Ruby. Though Violet wasn’t smiling in her early photos, today she’s beaming. Kerin says that seeing Violet grow up alongside Ruby has built a special connection between the two families.

As the years have gone by, we’ve seen Violet look happier and more confident. For the cost of a couple coffees a week, you get so much out of it.
- Kerin