Vietnamese farmer's piggery brings home the bacon

Dat* lives in a World Vision area development program in Vietnam, and says savings groups have helped him build his farm. We thought you might like to hear about the difference sponsors are making to lives in Vietnam.

“I’m so excited because I have this job. I don’t mind hard work,” says Dat, a smiling farmer in northern Vietnam. “I’ll sell this litter of piglets before our Lunar New Year, so I’ll have money for my children’s study,” he beams.

Dat hasn’t always been so upbeat about his family’s future. Lack of transport, low access to markets and financial services, and outdated farming methods mean that close to 40 percent of his community live in poverty.

Dat tried desperately to earn a living to support his family. “I asked a bank for a loan four times to start a business,” Dat recalls. “Meanwhile, I saw my children go hungry because we were short of rice and food.”

Dat’s luck changed when World Vision began partnering with his community to help families build their businesses through savings groups.

Farmers formed savings groups to provide low interest loans for families to start or expand their businesses, and with the help of a small loan, Dat was able to start a pig farming business.

Beginning with a litter of just five pigs, Dat’s family is now able to raise three litters each year. The repayment of his loan will give other families the chance to start a business too.

For Dat, business success not only means more food on the family table, but the hope of a bright future for his daughters. “I’ll support their education as far as they can study so they can find a job after graduating,” Dat smiles proudly.

*Name changed to protect identity