Victory over shyness

17-year-old Victor is from an area in Ecuador where World Vision works. Since you sponsor an Ecuadorian child, we thought you might like to hear how his life has changed.

“My name is Victor and I live with my mother and my sister Daniela who is 14 years old. When World Vision staff arrived in my community, they invited the children to participate in a process to learn about values and children rights. I enrolled in it and ever since that moment my life changed.

Before this time I was a shy boy and I had a hard time expressing myself. I felt like no one understood me and I found it difficult to go outside my house and relate with other persons.

It was very difficult for my mother to find a job and support us with our studies because my father abandoned us a while ago. I always wanted to study and I didn’t know what to do to help her.

I have accomplished a lot now. I am not longer afraid of speaking in public and I feel that I am a leader in my community. I am the president of a youth group, president of the Cantonal Council of Childhood and Teenagers and provincial representative at World Vision Ecuador’s youth network.

I also participated in a World Vision training course on making handcrafts with paper-mache so that I could help earn some money for my family.

I am glad that my mother has found a job now and receives a monthly income of $85 dollars.

World Vision changed my life and that of many more children in my community. I thank God and the World Vision sponsors for making this possible.”