The full circle of child sponsorship

Rowena's mother was a sponsored child and now she sponsors a child herself.

Rowena’s intention for sponsoring a child is one she holds very close to her heart. If her own mother had not been sponsored, Rowena may never have had the same opportunities she’s had today.


Australian-Indian Rowena has been sponsoring 16-year-old Goddu from India since she was studying at university and felt compelled to make a difference. Nearly one decade later, in January 2019, Rowena finally had the chance to meet her sponsored child and witness the impact she’s helped to create.


“It was the most wonderful opportunity to see how my contribution during this time has had a positive and lasting impact for not only one child in one family, but for an entire community,” Rowena said.

Rowena was welcomed with open arms into the community where she sponsors a child.


When a generous Australian woman sponsored Rowena’s mother, who grew up in India, she managed to help her entire family. Rowena credits some of her fortune to the support.


“Growing up with this knowledge has left a strong impression on me about how not all children have the same privileges afforded to them as I did while growing up,” she said.


During her sponsorship visit, Rowena met with World Vision staff who showed her some of the projects in the community and how they’ve benefited from her support. She took a tour of Goddu’s school and shared her story with her fellow students and teachers.


Rowena and Goddu (middle) get to know each other face-to-face after more than a decade of overseas connection through sponsorship.

“It felt very inspiring to be able to share my humble beginnings and my reasons for being a sponsor – basically a hope for more positive educational and societal outcomes for all involved,” she said.


Rowena feels immense gratitude for the reality she experienced growing up, feeling fortunate to be in the position of sponsor.


“[But] who can say where our fate will take us – perhaps one day they may return to their community as a sponsor too!”

Goddu and Rowena shared gifts, stories and pictures, and Goddu was amazed that Rowena still held a photo of her when she was in primary school, more than seven years ago.

“This trip was a definite highlight for me,” said Rowena. “I would highly recommend any sponsor taking the time to visit the community of their sponsored child. The field partners were so warm and welcoming. Being able to share a few moments with Goddu is one of the most heart-warming and enriching experiences I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Many thanks go out to all involved in making this happen and to those who work tirelessly to ensure that lasting positive impacts are made in these most deserving of communities.”

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