‘Much joy and singing’: Susan’s sponsor visit experience

By Susan Allport, Mozambique child sponsor

What a privilege and what excitement as the World Vision vehicle drove into the school yard to begin my return visit after four years.

I could see my sponsored child Marta smiling and jumping up and down in her pretty white dress and colourful beads in her hair. Her younger brother Alfredo, also now attending school, was with her as well as her two best friends that I had met previously.

We exchanged hugs with lots of joy and laughter. “Where’s Jessica?” Marta was asking through our translator. On my previous visit my granddaughter was with me. Marta was very happy later when she viewed photos of Jessica on my phone.

Marta grown up

On my previous visit Marta was a shy, small little girl unable to write her name. Today I could see she had grown tall and strong. Her teacher reported that Marta is learning well receiving 17-19/20 for her monthly tests. Marta’s desire is to be a writer and a poet.

There was full assembly at the school and the children danced and sang their welcome song. The Principal and teachers were so welcoming. Then we went and saw Marta’s family. There was much joy and singing. So very good to see Marta’s mother and her sister.

A new home

On my previous visit Marta’s father had passed away and they were living with her aunty and grandmother. Marta and her family now were in a new home with their own yard just behind their auntie’s home. I learnt it was a humble mud-covered, grass roof home, but it was theirs and it was so good that they had mosquito nets to help prevent malaria! I heard how Marta washes the dishes and carries water to help her mum. The water is not so far now – a pump well is bringing them safe water thanks to World Vision.

With the wonderful help of Mr Francisco, the World Vision translator, we enjoyed a special few hours with the extended family sharing a lovely meal, family news and stories. There was lots of singing and dancing. It was difficult to part, but we hope to see each other in the future.

Left: Susan shows Marta pictures of her granddaughter Jessica. Right: Susan visiting one of the projects in Marta's community.

Community change

This amazing day included a visit to a Health Centre meeting the lovely young Registered Nurse and the World Vision team who are very keen in their teaching of safe birthing; sickness and disease prevention (which is very dear to my heart), including vaccination programs.

A new teaching for the community is the Savings Group. Wow! This was amazing as people shared their testimonies of how it is changing their lives and giving hope for a better future. Some had started small businesses including a bakery and market gardens. One lady built a strong home of bricks and could pay for her wedding dress. They all have a savings account and can take small loans. They celebrate when these are paid off and their goals are reached.

Beyond Marta's community

I was also privileged to visit three other areas where my friends and family sponsor children through World Vision. The World Vision teams have wonderful programs working alongside the schools for higher levels of education; providing high protein meals for schoolchildren; supporting health centres for improved health and sickness prevention; helping families to start market gardens and increasing access to safe water by providing pump wells and teaching the maintenance of the pumps.

The families were so welcoming and hospitable. I have so many stories of meeting so many beautiful families and communities being changed with the help and support of World Vision.

An opportunity to change lives

I found out that there is a new community for Australian supporters in Mozambique and they still need sponsors. I would so like to encourage others to consider Child Sponsorship for here.

Thank you to everyone who helped make my visits so memorable. I’m so glad I made the decision so many years ago to become a World Vision sponsor. I count it a blessing.