Our 10-year-old sponsor Zoe’s “heart of gold”

By Kelly and Zoé, Senegal Child Sponsors

“I love helping Seye and I will continue to help her until she doesn’t need me.
Soon enough I will go and see her when I am 11 or 12.
Helping Seye made me realise that we are lucky, and that there is no reason to be spoiled when we have everything and they virtually have nothing. So next time you don’t finish your dinner think about all those children in Africa who don’t have enough food.” – 10-year-old Zoé

Dear World Vision,

I am writing to tell you a little bit about my daughter Zoé and how she is helping support World Vision and her sponsored child.


We decided to sponsor a child through World Vision a few years ago for many reasons; not only are we extremely lucky not to live in poverty but Zoé is an only child and wanted to have a younger sister and we felt this was a great way to help others on a more personal level. Zoé has Seye’s picture on her dressing table and we love receiving and sending messages to her.


Zoé is 10 years old and at Arden Anglican School. Last term the class was given a project, which lasted all term, and ended in a presentation to all the students in her year. The project was entitled ‘Passion Project’ and they had to choose a subject that they were passionate about and that they wanted to share with the school. 



World Vision Australia recently recieved a beautiful hand-written letter from Seye along with a photo of Seye holding the Presentation poster in the Ndiognick project, Senegal. We have since passed the news on to Zoé and Kelly!


Zoé chose to do her project on her sponsored child, Seye, and the great work that World Vision is doing in Senegal and around the world. She spent time researching the country of Senegal, its geography and history and also how her life may differ to that of Seye’s. She put together a Powerpoint presentation which she delivered to the class at the end of the term.

The final slide was to ask her class to write a message to Seye in a large card that she had prepared.  I hope that you will be able to pass this on so that Seye gets to see how much she is loved and thought of here in Australia.


Zoé didn’t stop there though, during the school holidays she had her 10th birthday and invited nine of her friends to celebrate with her. Instead of receiving presents she asked her friends to donate some money so that she could pass it on to Seye’s community. She raised $210 for World Vision.


Zoé and I feel very grateful and privileged to be able to support World Vision and I think my daughter has a heart of gold!

We look forward to many more years of support for Seye and World Vision.

Kindest regards,

Kelly & Zoé

Since receiving this letter from Kelly, World Vision’s Portfolio Advisor Natasha Tamplin has forwarded it on to the staff in Senegal and the generous donation of $210 has been invested into the work of Child Rescue. Here’s what the Program Manager in Senegal had to say:


Thanks very much Natasha for sharing with us this beautiful and insightful story. We will print it and give it to the child and family. I am sure they will appreciate it and they might be transformed as well. Blessings, Seydou.


World Vision Australia recently received a beautiful hand-written letter from Seye, thanking Zoé and all her school friends with a photo of Seye holding up the presentation card that was sent off to her in Senegal.