Mongolia on track to a brighter future

World Vision child sponsor Trish Muljono has just travelled to Mongolia to meet her sponsored child Khuslen. As you also sponsor a Mongolian child, we thought you might like to hear about the trip.


A sponsorship officer from the Selenge project wrote of the visit: “(Sponsored child) Khuslen called her sponsors ‘my sisters’. Sponsors gave some gifts to child and her family members that they brought from Australia and showed some of their photos and shared opinions. Khuslen was also so excited meeting with her supporters and spent wonderful time sharing feelings and thought.

The sponsors also visited a family, another of the families with their lives changed by the program. That sponsored child, Munkhtuya, lives with her parents and three siblings in Dulaankhaan village.

When she registered in the sponsorship program eleven years ago her family was living in a wooden barn and had one cow and seven sheep. Their parents were unemployed. The Area Development Project (World Vision) distributed them a ger (traditional house) and two pigs.

Now the family is living in a new house built by them and their farm is bigger, including 100 sheep, seven cows, 10 pigs and several chickens.

Trish wrote: “Thank you to World Vision, Selenge team, and the Mongolia community for the amazing journey I had during my visit in May 2014. It has been an eye opener - for World Vision has helped the children as well as the community in small and large scale. I am very impressed with the level of organisation, reporting process to team leader and community projects.

Thank you for taking care of Khuslen, my World Vision child. She is a young woman with smile and much brighter future through the World Vision assistance.

I am very happy to continue my contribution to World Vision and to other children that I sponsor.”