Meeting her sponsored child: the most memorable day of her life

Evelyn travelled to the Walapane project to meet her sponsored child, Oshadi, for the first time. The community were honoured to have her and weren’t shy to show their appreciation of Australian sponsors.

By Evelyn, Sri Lanka child sponsor

My visit to meet my World Vision sponsored child, seven-year-old Oshadi and her family, her community, her friends and her school was one of the most memorable days of my life.

I have been a World Vision sponsor for 11 years. I’ve been sponsoring Oshadi for only the past year, after the program was completed in my previous sponsored child’s area.

My trip to Sri Lanka was primarily for travel and to experience the culture, history, scenery and the people of that wonderful and remarkable country. Being able to meet with my sponsored child was a bonus to this experience.


I highly recommend going on a sponsor visit …

Getting to know Oshadi and her family and seeing how and where they live was an amazing experience.


            "I was given the most warm and respectful welcome and the bond all the people in the community felt they                    had with me – these were the moments that touched me the most. The pride Oshadi had for me and the pride              I had for her was evident."


The effort everyone put into the day was overwhelming. The performances by the children at the school and from the “Child Society”, the traditional costumes and local Sri Lankan dishes prepared by their parents were outstanding. I have close family and friends, so it was pleasing to see that all the families in the community support, love and respect each other.

The Child Society comprises local children and is run by a Monk who encourages the children to explore their artistic side (art, dance and story-telling). It is also a place where children can learn and practice English.

Evidence my support is making a difference …


          "She is a happy, healthy child. She has a love of school, art and dance."


I learned that her home could do with improvement but her family are expecting this very soon, with funds already allocated. They recently had electricity connected by World Vision.

How sponsorship is improving the lives of these children

It was so valuable to see the achievements and undertakings that World Vision is accomplishing in her community and the Walapane project.

Children in the Walapane project have an improved standard of living due to World Vision sponsorship. Here are some of the things children are benefiting from …

  • Healthcare, ongoing monitoring of their growth, and monitoring for diseases, parasites and dental health.
  • The school is a safe and well maintained environment where attendance is monitored and greatly encouraged.
  • Housing, electricity supply and sanitary conditions are being improved.
  • English studies and artistic activities are highly encouraged (with the great help of the local monk) at the Child Society.

It was also encouraging and marvellous to see that local trained volunteers are helping with health education and child development issues, for example, checking height and weight of the children in the community.

I feel very inspired to give more …

The planning and organising that the Walapane project team put into my visit, in particular Mr Asela and Mr Daminda, was professional and well planned. The day was an absolute success, from the presentation, meals, transport and meetings to the coordination with the school and the Child Society.

I hope the program continues to grow and prosper in the Walapane project. I have certainly been telling people about the benefits of sponsoring and the incredible work World Vision is doing around the world.