The McCallum’s recount: our day in Ngodzi

A warm welcome

We had a wonderful trip visiting Giddiness and her family. The community made us feel so welcome, singing us into the village. Speeches, and an amazing lunch. We saw around the village, including the school and water purifying facility. It was marvellous to see how World Vision assists communities so much. We gave gifts and they in turn gave us a lovely mat. We felt very privileged and humbled to be accepted into their community. Our four children loved this experience and interestingly, it was over and above the best highlight of our six-week tour of Africa.

– Tracy McCallum

Changing lives

I really enjoyed my stay with World Vision. We had a great day. We had lunch with our World Vision sponsored child, Giddiness, and her family. World Vision is helping to change these people’s lives. They put in heaps of drinking fountains and spent the money also on classrooms and helping to educate the children. It was a really good day, as well as sad how these young children have to go through life with so little. Seeing around the villages was amazing, getting to spend time with the families. I would recommend sponsoring or visiting with World Vision.

– Tom, age 13

An unforgettable day

Visiting our sponsored child with World Vision is a day I will never forget. It was emotional, meeting all the children and their families, seeing their homes and living conditions, and just feeling as though we were one with their community, as we felt very welcome. It put into perspective the contrast between their lives and ours, and it was very displeasing to see the limited food, water and education that they had in the past.

Without World Vision’s outstanding help, this day my family and I experienced would have never been possible. To World Vision, we thank you very much for this special day, it was one I will never forget!

– Flynn, age 14

Heart-warming and eye-opening

The services that World Vision provides ultimately graced our family, as participants in sponsoring a child, with a heart-warming experience in meeting our sponsored child and her village based in Malawi. Our family, along with all other people involved in sponsoring children through World Vision, are clearly making a difference in these people’s lives, who have been deprived of essential life qualities because of poverty. The day unfolded in a way that heightened our awareness of the true reality of poverty, and the need and urgency to act compassionately, through supporting those less fortunate. We saw the projects that World Vision allocates funding towards, including classrooms, class equipment and water pumps.

This showed us as a family of the benefits these facilities, enabled through funding, have for these beautiful people. Being shown facilities provided by World Vision reinforces our value in committing to giving to this organisation, which we have witnessed to increase the living standards of those they provide for. This is what I gained from the special day World Vision provided to us. Many thanks.

– Cam, age 16

Heart full of joy

A big thanks to World vision for our amazing time with our sponsored child. We really appreciate all that that you did for us. I especially loved how everyone greeted us with the amazing songs they sang when we drove in. It made my heart fill with joy and I am so happy we got this experience with World Vision because it helped me learn that some people in the world are not as fortunate as I am, yet they were so happy no matter what condition their world was in.

They were such beautiful people and it was great to see the area that they live in and their lifestyle so we can help to make sure they have a happy, healthy life. Many thanks World Vision!

– Rosie, age 11