"I am happy": Ndadjide is grateful for the chance to attend school

Ndadjide is from the Pende project in Chad. As you sponsor a child in this project, we thought you might like to hear how her life has changed through World Vision’s work.

“I am happy and I am grateful to World Vision today for my involvement in my community. I can read, count and speak French today, and this is thanks to World Vision.

According to our parents, a girl cannot go to school. She is born to be married and to take care of her children and her husband. My two elder sisters were forced to get married but they could have had a better future if they stayed in school.

I was discouraged several times by my parents when they refused to buy my educational stationery, whereas they bought supplies for my brothers. I had to buy my educational stationery myself as if I were not a member of their family, though I am their daughter.

Now, with World Vision’s support, things are starting to change - girls are also enrolled in school as boys are.

I have fought to be among the best pupils in my class and because of my good grades I have received educational stationery from World Vision as well as a uniform to wear to school.

World Vision has given me and other children the opportunity to express our ideas and problems. Through the child sponsorship program, we can express our viewpoints and we are also respected by adults in our communities. I wish World Vision well to work throughout our communities where girls are usually regarded like animals to sell at market.”