Honduras: How sponsorship has improved this family’s livelihood

By Elena Paleo, Senior Portfolio Advisor

As World Vision Australia’s previous Portfolio Advisor for Honduras, I visited World Vision’s Nuevo Amanecer project in May this year to ensure the project and sponsorship was going well.

One of the most inspiring moments from the visit was meeting Don Fabio from a community near Santa Rita. Don Fabio is a father of eight children (four girls and four boys) who are benefiting from the sponsorship program.

Don Fabio sold sugar cane and coconut sweets for around 1,500 lempiras (AUD$88) per month, but this was not enough to feed his family.

Thanks to supporters like you, Nuevo Amanecer project was able to implement an income generating initiative that helped people like Don Fabio improve family income. This initiative included creating and training rural saving and credit groups so community members could save money and access credit to start or improve business ideas. This is because impoverished community members don’t have access to bank services, including approvals for loans due to their lack of assets.

Saving and credit groups, run by community members, provide access to credit for people who otherwise can only approach private lenders, which often charge exorbitant interest rates.



Don Fabio became part of a saving and credit group with 14 other community members. Each member provides a regular contribution (personal saving) to the group. Up until December 2014, his group had cumulated 23,000 lempiras (AUD$1,343) in total savings. They also have a social fund of around 20,000 lempiras (AUD$1,168), made up of a World Vision donation in addition to regular members’ contributions. It is used by members for emergencies, such as to pay for medical expenses they cannot afford.

He took a loan with the savings and credit group to improve branding and packaging of his sweets with the project’s technical support. Because he had the ability to borrow money from the savings group, he improved his sales to 3,000 lempiras (AUD$175) per month. He paid off his credit (back to the savings group) and re-invested the rest of his profits in his business. Today, he is making 6,000 lempiras (AUD$550) profit per month. At the beginning, his wife used to help him make these sweets. Today, he hires five people to help him.

Don Fabio is in a better position to provide for his children because he is now earning four times more than what he was earning before the project helped him. He can now feed his family properly, buy school materials and uniforms for his children, and pay for medical expenses when they get sick.

It is great to know he is not only helping his family have a better future. By employing other community members in his growing business, he is helping other people improve their lives.

I was very touched by his dedication to offer his children a better future. Today, his children not only enjoy a better life, they also have a great role model to look up to.