Will you create change for children like Martha?

Take action today to help families earn a better income, so they can afford the basics like food and school.

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Change is possible

Be a change maker like Annette, Asha and Wasantha and help vulnerable children and families around the world. Nine-year-old Martha from Kenya is one of many who needs your help.

Martha can't afford to go to school. She's hungry all the time. Her mum Scola struggles every day to provide basic necessities for Martha and her three brothers.



Create change for children like Martha today

How you can help empower communities

With limited income opportunities, families like Martha’s can't lead healthy and productive lives. If Martha’s family was empowered to earn a decent income, they could afford the basics like food and school.

In Martha’s rural community, many parents struggle to earn enough to meet their children’s basic needs. World Vision is connecting families with savings groups and credit services, so parents like Scola are empowered to earn a better income and provide for their children.

We’re also providing other economic opportunities for Martha’s community. Through agricultural tools and training, farmers can enhance their crop production, access markets and increase their income. A stronger community will create more jobs for parents like Scola.