This little piggy helped send a boy to school

Yan Shin used to worry that he would have to leave school like his older siblings.

His father, U Myint Wai, struggled to find work and often did odd jobs just to feed his family.

U Myint Wai wanted his children to be educated, but his dream seemed impossible as he was unable to pay for their schooling. His eldest children were able to complete primary school, but his third and fourth sons had to drop out after finishing grade two.

“As a father, I was so sad that I was not able to support my children’s education,” he says. “We don’t own any land and there are very few job opportunities in our village.”

Thankfully, a gift from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue has helped to change this family’s fortune. With funds from generous donors, World Vision was able to provide a female pig for 25 needy families in Yan Shin’s village.

Yan Shin says that the pigs have helped to make his family’s life better. “I can go to school and continue my education because of these pigs,” he says.

The pig has bred seven times already, each time producing more than ten piglets that Yan Shin’s family have sold for extra income. As well as supporting their son’s education, the extra money has allowed the family to build a new house and buy two cows.

“As I have wished for many years, at least one of my children will become an educated person,” says U Myint Wai.

Yan Shin is now in grade six and helps his father to take care of the cows and pigs in his free time.

“I study hard because it is a great opportunity for me. I’m very grateful to the donors and World Vision for giving me the opportunity for education. I want to become an engineer so that I can take care of my parents well one day,” says Yan Shin with a smile.


Learning to breed pigs has helped to change the future of U Myint's family. Photo: Htet htet Oo/ World Vision