Simple solutions make a world of difference

Before a borehole was dug in a community in Zambia, water was a long walk away.

Many children made the hour long trip before school, only to have to do it again after school. The one water source was also a bathing and washing place, so often the water fetched was dirty.

9-year-old Precious lives with her parents and 10 brothers and sisters in Zambia. It used to be her job to fetch her family’s water, but all too often, that water made her ill. 

The water was stagnant and dirty. Frequently, Precious suffered from diarrhoea, dysentery and stomach pains, and even malaria from time to time.

The simple act of digging a borehole, which was undertaken by World Vision’s Water Health Life program, has caused significant improvement – for Precious herself and her entire community.

Precious’ father, Christopher says: “When Precious was sick we would have to take her to the medical clinic every few weeks for medicine and a check up. There is a big change in Precious’ health since World Vision drilled the bore and she’s been able to drink clean water.”

The new water pump is less than 50 metres away from Precious’ home. “Sometimes I was too sick to go to school.” Precious says. “Now I am happy to just walk a short distance and the water is clean. I have more energy to play now.” 

Precious’ father recognises that his is not the only family to benefit from the digging of the borehole. “We are very grateful and thankful to World Vision for drilling the bore nearby with clean water. Other families in the community are also thankful that there is clean water nearby. The children don’t get sick from dirty water anymore.”

TOP: Precious and Humphrey no longer suffer from illnesses like diarrhoea and dysentery because of the new borehole in their village; BOTTOM: In Zambia, Precious' health has improved since a borehole has been dug close to her home.