Climate Crisis

Australia has a lot of droughts but we've never had a famine

Climate Crisis

Australia has a lot of droughts but we've never had a famine

A population almost twice the size of Australia is on the brink of famine.

Imagine if we could equip farmers to drought-proof their land. It would be a BIG win in the fight against poverty and climate change. As you can see in the video, thanks to our supporters, World Vision has already developed a solution: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration.

It's simple and it works. Join our call for the Australian Government to scale up our proven, nature-based solution and help small-hold farmers drought-proof their land.

Watch our "Drought-proof" video

Sign our petition for Government to:

  1. Pilot a $60 million green recovery package for East Africa and the Pacific with an innovative combination of proven nature-based solutions to combat climate change.
  2. Restore 50 million hectares of degraded land overseas through natural regeneration techniques, building community resilience, and storing carbon at scale.

 It's good for people and the planet.

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Australia, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

Three children from three very different parts of the world talk about the impact of the Climate Crisis on their lives

It doesn't matter who you are - when disaster strikes, everyone deserves safety and support. Australians know what disaster feels like - we've lived through it in the overwhelming tragedy of the 2020 Bushfire Crisis that has impacted millions at home.

The climate crisis threatens all of us. From our own floods, droughts and fires at home to rising sea levels, longer hungry seasons and extreme weather around the world.


The youngest and poorest will be hit hardest.

More actions for justice you can take with World Vision Australia: