Climate Change

Find out more about climate change, its effects and how World Vision is working to solve climate change through reforestation projects and other environmentally driven campaigns.


What we're doing

We offer innovative solutions to vulnerable communities in order to improve their ability to adapt to the effects of climate change and enhance their life standards in harmony with their natural environments.

Our goal

Vulnerable communities sustainably manage the natural resources in their environments to adapt and respond to climate changes.

How World Vision defines climate change.

World Vision's definition of sustainable development includes responding to climate change.

Climate change and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges facing humanity. Greenhouse-gas emissions and overexploitation of natural resources are at the root of the problem and are causing a rise in global temperatures. Rising temperatures are causing a number of impacts including a rise in sea levels, increased frequency of droughts, floods, and other destructive events.

These effects are expected to become greater over time without urgent action at a global, national and local level. People living in the poorest countries contributed little to these problems but are disproportionately affected by their negative consequences. Among them, children, women and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable and the least equipped to adapt to a changing climate.

Drought then spring floods: climate change in Afghanistan


Climate change causes drought after drought in Kenya


Raising awareness on climate change

World Vision Australia supports the global efforts to reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.


The limit in increase of global temperatures (above pre-industrial levels) to avoid dangerous climate change


The year when world countries set in place the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to tackle the effects of global warming

US $100b

The minimum yearly commitment of public funds needed by 2020 to help developing countries prepare to cope with the effects of climate change

Solutions to climate change

World Vision works directly with communities to identify context-specific solutions with a focus on food security, clean energy, natural resources management and climate adaptation and mitigation.

Our projects include interventions like reforestation, agro-forestry, climate-smart agriculture, clean energy and access to carbon markets.

World Vision Australia is world leader in promoting Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in rural communities, by naturally regenerating trees on farmland and forest areas to improve agricultural productivity and reduce the incidence of droughts, floods and landslides. 

We’ve also helped a number of communities in Ethiopia by providing a cleaner, safer way to cook their food. The Clean Stoves Project reduces the health risks associated with smoky open fire stoves, and it reduces the need to cut down trees. Both clean stoves and reforestation projects can generate additional income for the communities through the sale of carbon markets.

Finally, we’ve worked with communities in South East Asia and the Pacific region to better prepare them for tropical storms and other natural disasters, which are becoming increasingly frequent and violent as a result of climate change.

By supporting our work with communities around the world that are affected by the effects of climate change, you contribute to their ability to cope with external shocks and stresses while improving the natural environment in which they live.

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