Get Connected - Persuading

This issue explores persuasion texts and six important global issues: gender, child labour, refugees, health, inequality and climate change. Students identify the structure and language features of persuasion texts – including posters, cartoons, speeches, and digital and written texts – and learn about major social issues at the same time.

They are also encouraged to create persuasion texts and give expression to informed global citizenship.


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Girl Rising - One girl with courage is a revolution (p. 4-5)

Protect a child like Namayani (p. 6-7)

What's behind the label (p. 8-9)

Kajal's story (p. 10-11)


In 2013, Kajal still works but she now attends a special World Vision 'transient school'. These schools help working children attend school when they're able. Flexible school access for these children gives families greater opportunities to break the cycle of poverty - through continued education.

World Vision has also installed a clean water supply and helped to set up a health and nutrition program in Kajal's community. A volunteer nurse does health checks on all the families, educates them on vaccinations, medication and other health issues like family planning.

Child labour in India (p.10-11)

Refugees - Syria: the impact of war on children (p. 12-13)

Teenage Affluenza (p.16-17)

'The Strike' versus Hunger (p.18-19)

Child Health Now - Survive 5 (p. 20-21)

First 1000 Days (p. 22-23)