Everyone has the right to be Safe and Free, from kids evacuated off Nauru to the 68.5 million people displaced by war, persecution and disasters.

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Dear Prime Minister Morrison and Opposition Leader Mr Shorten,


More people are displaced around the world now than at any time in recorded history.

No one chooses to be displaced. Leaving home is always a last resort. To do our fair share in this unprecedented global humanitarian crisis, the Australian government should raise our Humanitarian Intake to welcome 44,000 people every year.*

Because everyone has the right to live in peace, to be safe and free.

Seeking asylum is a fundamental human right, yet thousands of people are still held in Australia's offshore detention centres. We call on our political leaders to end the harm of these people trapped in limbo. It's time to put an end to offshore detention and give those people found to be refugees a chance to make a new home. Now that the kids are off Nauru, we need to also provide them with permanent resettlement options either here, or in a suitable third country like New Zealand.

This is the biggest humanitarian challenge of our time and it's the poorest countries which are impacted the most. Developing countries host 85 percent of the world’s refugees.

The Australian Government must increase our aid to those developing countries, so they can provide shelter, education, health services and access to work for refugees, while still providing for the needs of its own population.

This is a global challenge. 

Australia needs to pull its weight and show leadership now!




* In FY 2018/2019 the Australian Government offered 18,750 places through the Official Humanitarian Intake. To put this into perspective the total permanent Migration Program outcome for 2017–18 was 162,417 places. Source: Dept. of Home Affairs


Thanks to everyone who made the #KidsOffNauru campaign an amazing success. Your advocacy has helped to force the Government to evacuate all the children trapped on Nauru. You also helped educate and shift the public and political debate about how we should treat children in the Government's care.

The next step, is to ensure all the #KidsOffNauru are all permanently safe and free in Australia or another suitable country like New Zealand. World Vision advocated for the Medevac Bill to help sick people trapped on Nauru or Manus Island to be medically evacuated to Australia under Doctors' orders. Ultimately, we believe all indefinite detention must be closed.

We started #KidsOffNauru because we know:  no matter how complex the global refugee crisis is, locking up children should never be the answer.

The truth is the global refugee crisis - which sees more people displaced now than any other time in recorded history, is an emergency which disproportionately and unfairly impacts millions of kids. Being a refugee makes children more vulnerable to exploitation, it jeopardizes their health, welfare and ability to reach their fullest potential.

We need the Australian Government to pull their weight and show real leadership in this global challenge now.


1. Close Indefinite Detention Centres

Ensure no one seeking asylum or refugee status is indefinitely detained (and under no circumstances children). Those on Manus Island and Nauru should be removed from detention immediately. It is Australia’s obligation to resettle in Australia those that the Australian Government has held in indefinite detention on Manus Island and Nauru. 

2. Increase Australian Aid

The need to increase international aid has never been greater, but Australia’s contribution is now at an historic low.  This does not reflect the majority of Australians' values. By increasing Australian aid we can do our fair share to help developing countries to provide safe shelter for refugees. This includes emergency food rations, education, health services and access to sustainable livelihoods, while still providing for the needs of their own population.

3. Increase Australia's Humanitarian Intake

Australia can do its part by welcoming our fair share of refugees. These are people who are escaping conflict, persecution or disaster and can't return home right now. This would still only represent a small fraction of our total migrant intake. So let's give more refugees a fair go in Australia!

With your support, we can be on the ground early to help communities recover and rebuild.

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