How your sponsorship changes a child's world

Sponsor a child for less than $2 a day and join other sponsors - and your sponsored child's community - in addressing challenges affecting children's well-being. Depending on child and community needs, sponsorship projects may focus on:

Clean water and sanitation

Access to clean water, toilets and hygiene education give your sponsored child better health and more time and energy to learn.

Health and nutrition

Quality local health services and health and nutrition education for families give your sponsored child the chance to grow up strong and protected from preventable illness.

Food and agriculture

Skills for families to grow more crops and better protect the environment give your sponsored child the food they need to lead a healthy, active life.

Education and child rights

Quality education and protecting child rights give your sponsored child knowledge and skills and the freedom to have a brighter future.

Income generation

By supporting communities and families to improve their incomes you can help your sponsored child reach their full potential as they gain access to life's essentials.

Become part of a child's life story

Build a personal connection through eLetters, greeting cards and letters.

See progress through videos, photos and updates from your sponsored child and community.

A life-changing opportunity to visit your sponsored child.