In the face of COVID-19, the most vulnerable need us now more than ever.
Save a child from exploitation.

As we stand together to flatten the curve of COVID-19 we extend our gratitude to those of you, who, despite your own challenges at this unprecedented time choose to help support and empower the world’s most vulnerable children through child sponsorship.

Eight million children have been forced into begging and child labour as a result of the pandemic. Help rebuild a childhood through child sponsorship. With your support, we can continue to work towards helping combat diseases like COVID-19 in vulnerable communities worldwide. As is the case with many emergencies, children and women are most vulnerable to the destructive long-term effects once the immediate danger of the disease is gone. With your support through child sponsorship, communities are equipped with the tools needed to overcome poverty and adversity for the long term, meaning they can effectively respond to challenges like COVID-19.

Donations over $2 may be tax deductible depending on your own personal tax position.

Our current combat measures include:

Launching education campaigns on handwashing, respiratory hygiene, isolation and promoting healthy water, sanitation and hygiene behaviours for families.
Working alongside community health workers and volunteers to establish public handwashing stations and the distribution of soap, sanitisers and masks where needed. 
Supporting communities to provide ongoing education for children and extending education support for self-isolating families to reduce their stress and anxiety.

The emotional and economic toll on impoverished communities around the world cannot be underestimated. Through child sponsorship we can combat COVID-19 and help communities build their resilience now and into the future, so they are better equipped through sustainable and proven community-led approaches to support their own development and respond to challenges like COVID-19.

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We will combat COVID-19 through child sponsorship