Visit your sponsored child

Visit your sponsored child

Meeting your sponsored child means stepping into their world and seeing firsthand the difference you’re making. It can be a life-changing experience – for you and your sponsored child.

Visit your sponsored child

Meeting your sponsored child means stepping into their world and seeing firsthand the difference you’re making. It can be a life-changing experience – for you and your sponsored child.

See the joy of a sponsor visit

How to visit your sponsored child

There’s nothing quite like spending time with the child you are sponsoring.

Here are the steps involved in planning a visit:

  1. Contact us

    We need at least three months’ notice prior to your intended visit date so that we can arrange your visit. You may contact us by emailing the form below or calling us on 13 32 40.

    NB: Please check the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Smart Traveller website to ensure it is safe for you to travel there; this will enable you to consider government recommendations in regards to any risks associated with visiting that country.

  2. Get ready

    Once your request is approved, we’ll (a) confirm the visit details, including any estimated costs and (b) provide the contact details of the local World Vision office near the community you are visiting. Please use our sponsor visit checklist to prepare for your trip.

    Please note: Anyone visiting will need to complete a satisfactory police check and a referee check, as well as agree to the visit agreement terms before we can approve the visit.

  3. Meet your sponsored child

    World Vision staff will take you to meet your sponsored child. Our staff will be with you throughout your visit to ensure you get the most out of your time with your sponsored child and their family.

  4. Share your experience

    When you’re back, we’ll contact you to see how the visit went. We are always looking to improve this experience for our supporters. We may ask you to share your story with others.

Essential resources

Find out what to expect when you visit your sponsored child and what you’ll need to do before, during and after your visit.

Frequently asked questions

Although it is tempting, please don't tell your sponsored child that you will be visiting. If you have to cancel for any reason, he or she will be disappointed. World Vision project staff will tell your sponsored child on your behalf once the trip is confirmed.
  • Special Government travel permission is required in some countries where we work, this can take 8-12 weeks to arrange.
  • We need to contact your sponsored child’s family and notify them well in advance to be sure they are available to meet on the proposed date.
  • Your visit is a very special occasion for your sponsored child, their family and community. They will want time to plan welcome activities and other aspects of your visit.
  • Staff at the World Vision office in your sponsored child’s country need time to plan too. There are limited staff members who must organise time away from their project work to accompany visitors.
  • We may need to coordinate several different sponsors visiting at the same time. Some countries have a very high frequency of visits compared to others and we need to be conscious of the impact many visits may have on each country.
  • Take small gifts that are easy to pack and have a practical use. Ideally, try to purchase gifts in country. It will not only save luggage space, but will also support the local economy and community in your sponsored child's country.
  • We have found that children love pencils, crayons, t-shirts, skipping ropes, tennis balls, footballs/soccer balls (with a pump), maps of Australia, inflatable world globes, your family photos and Australian toy animals. Keep it simple.

You will be surrounded by many children from the community. It's best to bring gifts that can be shared, like stickers, balloons, bubbles or sporting equipment, so that children who aren't sponsored don't feel left out. We can advise you more specifically on what gifts to bring as your visit plans progress.

You definitely should not hand out cash – as your child sponsorship funds are used to cover the community needs.

Please do not give your contact details to your sponsored child, their family or community members.

We discourage direct postal contact for a variety of reasons, most particularly for the privacy and protection of both you and your sponsored child. It’s important to keep your address confidential in case it falls into the wrong hands, which may lead to unwanted requests for money or other help.

Please continue to send your correspondence to the World Vision office in the country where your sponsored child lives. You’ll find these details inside your sponsored child's photo folder and on the World Vision website.

Often the best response to this question is to explain that you currently donate money to World Vision to help your sponsored child and their community.

World Vision discourages giving cash directly to children or communities and it’s best not to make promises that may not be kept when you return to Australia.

If you have questions about areas of need which you may be seeing during your visit, please ask the National Office staff to explain what strategies are in place to address these needs.

We have attempted to streamline and make the process as easy as we can, however, we cannot compromise on any child protection standards and DFAT requirements.

It is a DFAT requirement that we conduct a police check where the result will be returned to World Vision no earlier than 30 days prior to the visit.

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