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Education is essential to empowering the world’s most vulnerable children and helping to break the cycle of poverty for millions of families across the globe. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, education can be found everywhere in a sponsored child’s community.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that more than 3.8 million young Australians are enrolled in school, while UNESCO statistics show more than 265 million children mostly in developing countries do not have access to education. There is much work to do.

There’s a child waiting to connect with you and your family today – what are YOU waiting for? 

75 million children have had their education disrupted by conflict or crisis

World Vision provides Child Friendly Space programs in regions of crisis.

120 million children struggle to access education
We help families increase their income to send their kids to school.

265 million children lack basic literacy or numeracy skills
Our Unlock Literacy Program has helped 1.7 million children improve literacy.

Transforming lives

Stories where lives were changed and life-changing connections were made.

Sponsorship changes lives, starting with yours

Through a shared sense of value, thousands of Australians have built life-changing connections and positively impacted entire communities – and for every child sponsored, four more benefit. How powerful is that!

We believe children have the right to safe and happy lives, access to education and to live free from poverty. We invite you to make a powerfully personal connection when you change lives through the impact of child sponsorship.

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