Make a connection that gives back

Sponsoring a child is the start of a connection that can help change their life – and yours. So, this Christmas, give a child the gift of unlimited possibilities when you empower them through child sponsorship.

Vulnerable children face situations whilst growing up that no child should ever have to face. Through the generosity of supporters like you, the lives of vulnerable children have been improved by access to clean water, health care, sanitation services and education – lifting entire families out of poverty. But we are not done yet.

There’s a child waiting to connect with you and your family today – what are YOU waiting for? 

120 million children struggle to access education

We help families increase their income to send their kids to school.

152 million children are child labourers
Child sponsorship helps lift families out of poverty.
14 million children are displaced and seeking refuge

World Vision supply emergency relief, food, education and security.

Stories of connection

Real stories of life-changing connections, created by supporters like you


Stories of connection

Sponsorship changes lives, starting with yours

Through a shared sense of value, thousands of Australians have built life-changing connections and positively impacted entire communities - and for every child sponsored, four more benefit. How powerful is that!

We believe children have the right to safe and happy lives free from poverty. So this Christmas we invite you to make a powerfully personal connection when you give the gift of child sponsorship.

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