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Goal 1
Improve access to quality education
Goal 2
Improve maternal and child health and nutrition

Promoting, developing and supporting children's education

World Vision works with communities in Phonxay to form and train Village Education Development Committees to promote the development of local education. In Phonxay, students were supported with 1,775 reading books as well as classroom furniture and essential learning equipment.


Improving maternal and child health

In conjunction with the local health department, mobile health clinics have provided health services for 1,260 mothers and children in 10 villages. Children have received necessary vaccinations and parents have been taught about how vaccination protects their children’s health.

A feeding and nutrition program has equipped mothers with skills to help provide their children with nutritious meals.


Providing access to clean water and sanitation

World Vision has improved the water supply for three villages, providing 226 people with access to clean water. Community-led total sanitation programming has been conducted in five villages, mobilising the community to improve their hygiene and sanitation practices.

Toilets have been built in local schools, and children participated in lessons on handwashing and brushing their teeth.


Supporting new livelihoods opportunities

World Vision has provided training and support in organic farming methods. Farmers have received vegetable seeds to grow food for household consumption and extra income, as well as grass seed for animal feeding.

150 community members have benefited from training in raising animals, and received goats to start breeding.


Thank you for your generous support of the Phonxay community

Phonxay is located in a mountainous and remote area of Laos. Here, knowledge of nutrition is limited, which translates to high levels of child malnutrition. Unclean water and poor sanitation and hygiene further contribute to the spread of illnesses such as diarrhoea amongst children.

The area’s local schools are often lacking resources and many children, particularly girls, stay at home to help with chores and work in the fields instead of attending school.

Your contribution will help to make a lasting difference in Phonxay. With your support, we can improve the livelihoods of children in the community by increasing access to education, healthcare and nutritious meals.


Meet the community of Phonxay

In the rural community of Phonxay, many children suffer from the effects of poor nutrition, inadequate sanitation and incomplete schooling.

With a focus on educating the community about the importance of hygiene practices, good nutrition and schooling, together we can provide children and their families with better opportunities in the future. With your ongoing support, we can make a lasting difference in the community.

How we can make a difference

Improve access to quality education

Many children in the Phonxay community do not complete their education.

With your support we can improve the opportunities afforded to the children of Phonxay by:

  • Equipping primary schools with teaching resources
  • Ensuring school facilities are safe and clean as well as encouraging hygiene practices
  • Promoting and improving education and parental involvement in children’s schooling

Improve maternal and child health and nutrition

Many mothers and children in Phonxay experience the effects of malnutrition.

Together we can help the community to become stronger and healthier by:

  • Conducting nutrition and infant feeding training sessions for mothers and caregivers
  • Improving access to clean water and toilets and educating the community about the importance of hygienic practices
  • Supporting local healthcare centres to conduct mobile outreach clinics

Hear from the World Vision Laos staff

Bringing healthcare services to hard-to-reach communities

The mountainous terrain of the Phonxay region in Laos means that many communities are remote and difficult to access – putting them out of reach of important services. Voy, 21, lives in a small village that’s almost 10 hours away from the nearest healthcare services.

When World Vision first started work here, many mothers didn’t receive any support through their pregnancies, children were underweight from inadequate nutrition and most hadn’t received necessary vaccinations.

To help improve maternal and child health in Phonxay, World Vision started operating mobile clinics in remote villages like Voy’s. Trained health workers can now check up on the health of community members and provide services like vaccination. Plus, they’re raising awareness about the importance of good nutrition and promoting good hygiene practices.

Thanks to the mobile clinics, Voy could attend check-ups during her pregnancy. Her two-year-old son Souli has received his vaccinations, and Voy has learned the skills to provide him with a balanced diet.

“Thank you so much to World Vision … which supported to have activity that can help my village … with a healthy status and children well nourished,” says Voy. “I will try my best to practise as I have learned … I will tell to another mother who still does not understand about their child nutrition, to practise as I act as now to get a better life of women in our village.”

In the last year alone, mobile health clinics have provided services to 1,260 mothers and children across 10 villages in Phonxay – all part of our goal to see mothers and children living healthier lives.

It’s still early days in our work together in Phonxay. There is much more to be done. Thank you again for your continued support, and keep a look out for more updates from your community in Laos.

World Vision Laos staff

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