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Goal 1
Increase food production and incomes
Goal 2
Improve maternal and child nutrition

Promoting, developing and supporting children's education

World Vision is working in Mahaxay to form and train Village Education Development Committees to promote the development of local education. These committees ensure donations from parents are used effectively and sustainably to fund their children’s education.


Providing new livelihood opportunities

The agriculture and livelihood project has provided goats to 31 families and mushroom growing training to 11 families in three villages.

Seventy-five percent of farmers have been trained in improved small animal raising skills. Twenty-five of the poorest households now own at least one animal.


Improving community health

The health project has targeted pregnancy care, vaccination, nutrition and safe water supply.

Mothers and caregivers have been trained on maternal health, child nutrition, dental health and hygiene in 10 target villages.


Promoting child rights

Village education development committees have been trained in 10 villages. The education project has empowered these village education development committees to promote child rights.


Thank you for your generous support of the Mahaxay community

Mahaxay is a rural community in Laos where most people rely on farming to make a living. However, productive land in Mahaxay is limited and many farmers are unable to meet their family’s food and income needs.

In addition, many children are vulnerable to malnutrition. A lack of clean water and adequate toilet facilities can also lead to the spread of disease.

Your contribution can help make a real difference to the people of Mahaxay. With your support, we can provide the community with better healthcare and support as well as the resources they need to increase food production.


Meet the community of Mahaxay

While most families in Mahaxay are farmers, many lack the skills and resources to grow enough produce to meet their needs. With your continued support, we can provide families with the knowledge they need to increase food production.

How we can make a difference

Increase food production and incomes

Many farmers struggle to produce enough food to support their families.

With your support, we can equip farmers with the understanding and resources they need to increase their household incomes by:

  • Improving farmers’ skills in crop production and post-harvest storage
  • Enabling farmers to raise small livestock
  • Training families to set up and maintain vegetable gardens

Improve maternal and child nutrition

Many mothers and children in the Mahaxay community are vulnerable to illness and disease.

Your contribution will help to create a healthier community by:

  • Improving access to clean water
  • Teaching locals about health, nutrition and child feeding practices
  • Supporting local health clinics to conduct mobile outreach clinics

Hear from Phililack, Mahaxay Area Development Manager

Now Mark can go to school

Grade three was going to be the highest school level Mark could achieve. The 12-year-old and her older brother were living with their widowed aunt in the village of Nonedaeng in the Mahaxay district. Their mother passed away.

Mark’s aunt and carer had a difficult choice. Aged 60, she could no longer go to the forest to collect food such as bamboo shoots, forest vegetables and frogs, and catch fish to sell so her niece could afford to stay at school.

Mark wanted to keep studying. But her aunt, Buff, made the heart-wrenching call for Mark to stop school. She had no choice.

“I could not afford to [keep] her studying. There was no income generation in my family to support Mark’s study in the next grade because I am very old,” Buff says.

But in March, Buff’s became one of 31 households to benefit from the goat raising fund. The project selected her to receive three goats. The program taught her goat raising techniques and her family of goats is breeding and growing. Buff now is planning on using the money she earns to support her niece’s education.

“I was very proud and happy, and I changed my mind to let my niece continue her study at grade four in school year 2018,’’ Buff says.

This fantastic story is just the beginning. Having seen the faces of the people in the community in the Mahaxay area, the change your support makes is real. Together we’re making a difference.

Phililack Phomsavang

Area Development Program Manager
World Vision Laos

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