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Goal 1
Enable children to achieve basic numeracy, literacy and life skills
Goal 2
Improve the health of children and families

Reading groups are helping children learn

The children of Luc Yen have fallen in love with reading. Around 100 students from five villages have joined reading groups. Run by volunteers, the groups meet weekly to foster enthusiasm for learning.


Helping families develop resilient livelihoods

Livelihoods projects have provided 564 households with opportunities to earn a better income. Families have been trained in how to raise and properly look after small livestock, including chickens and pigs.

Farmers have also been trained in sustainable rice intensification, a method that produces better crop yields and is more environmentally friendly and resilient.


Improving child nutrition

A nutrition club has been formed to help local parents improve their knowledge about nutrition and caring for their children. Parents learn about healthy, locally available foods that are important for a balanced diet and are encouraged to start home gardens to grow their own produce.

Eighty-two malnourished children have returned to a healthy weight after their parents participated in the nutrition club.

Child protection

Promoting child rights and participation

World Vision is working to educate children about their rights and provide them with opportunities to have a say about the issues that affect their daily lives, through training and workshops. 

Children are learning about self-protection and safety, with 1,253 children participating in awareness-raising sessions. With support from World Vision, children have led and developed 12 micro projects and seven communications dealing with issues facing their peers.


Thank you for your generous support of the Luc Yen community

Luc Yen is a remote community in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Despite 98 percent of people in Vietnam having access to clean water, many local water sources in this isolated community are polluted and unsafe for drinking. In addition, a shortage of productive land means that many farmers struggle to grow enough food. As a result, more than a third of children under five suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

Together we can change this. With your continued support, we can help farmers to increase their crop production, improve education and ensure that the children of Luc Yen grow up healthy and strong.


Meet the community of Luc Yen

For families living in the Luc Yen community, hunger and illness are a common struggle. Your contribution will help to make a powerful difference to the lives of those who need it most. With your ongoing support, we can improve the livelihoods of children and their families across the community.

How we can make a difference

Enable children to achieve basic numeracy, literacy and life skills

In Luc Yen, many schools lack basic necessities, meaning that the quality of education in the area remains low.

Together we can provide children with greater opportunities by:

  • Upgrading classrooms and improving learning resources
  • Providing training and technical support for teachers
  • Increasing education opportunities for children with disabilities

Improve the health of children and families

A lack of nutrition, sanitation and hygiene practices make health a major concern for families in Luc Yen.

Together we can improve the quality of healthcare in the community by:

  • Providing hygiene education and improving access to sanitary toilets
  • Building the knowledge and skills of village healthcare workers
  • Improving community knowledge about child injury prevention
  • Conducting child nutrition training

Hear from Luong, Luc Yen Area Program Manager

Chicken raising helps Ms Lu support her family

Households with sustainable livelihoods, a secure food source and income can provide better for their children. When livelihoods are improved, children have a greater chance of being in good health, continuing with schooling and having a future with more opportunities.

In the Luc Yen community, World Vision operates a number different projects to help households improve their livelihoods. For example, the cost of rice production is costly and often pollutes the environment. It can also be seriously affected by unpredictable, extreme weather. World Vision has provided training to local farmers in sustainable rice intensification (SRI), a technique which helps to improve rice crop yields while also reducing costs and is also more resilient to adverse weather.

Accumulate saving and credit association groups (ASCA) created by World Vision are helping people gain financial literacy as well as offering access to small loans. Plus, training in raising small livestock has helped people with a new source of income.

Through these projects, 564 households have started to earn a better income, from 1-1.5 million VND per month. The benefits of that extra income will flow on to improve the lives of the 620 children living in those households.

Ms Lu is one of the Luc Yen community members who have participated in several of these training opportunities and seen the benefits in her household production.

“Thanks to World Vision’s support, my family participated in SRI, chicken raising and ASCA models. Last four months I have harvested three rice bags more than last year, and I have 98 chicken … 16 of them have lay eggs every day from last month to now. So I have enough egg for my little child,” Ms Lu shares.

These projects are just the beginning in Luc Yen. We at World Vision, along with our partners in the region, intend to continue to make real changes in this community, with your support. Together we’re making a difference.

Luong Ngoc Cuong

Luc Yen Area Program Manager

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