How you're helping the Mirpur community change the game

How you're helping the Mirpur community change the game

How your support is making a difference

Sponsored child Ali in the Mirpur community of Bangladesh receives educational support which pays for his exercise books and other stationary needs. But he also attends an educational centre available to sponsored and non-sponsored children, established by World Vision. We work with teachers who play a crucial role in raising awareness about child protection by educating children on how to identify the early warning signs for children at risk of abduction, exploitation or child marriage. And for keen cricketer Ali, they also provide him with a safe place to play his shots and have some fun.     

You're helping give a voice to the previously unheard 


The Child Forum gives a voice to many children in the Mirpur community.


This young girl is learning the skills required for positive conflict resolution.

Child Forum is a sub-committee of the Urban Neighbourhood Development Committee and serves as the voice of the youth for those living in Mirpur's underground slum. Through the Child Forum, children learn the skills required to be able to exercise their rights, without aggression or shouting. This also includes learning how to resolve conflict, along with many other extremely useful life skills. These skills improve self esteem and confidence, empowering children to challenge the status quo and break the cycle of poverty. 

You're supporting healthier communities


So happy to receive a water bill!


Our WASH program means a healthier way of life.

Who would have thought someone would be so happy to receive a water bill! But for this member of the Mirpur community it's a very significant occasion.

In 2015, World Vision Bangladesh began partnering with motivated groups within slum communities on how to communicate with the government and the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewage Authority (DWASA) in order to advocate for legal water connection. Eventually these groups were successful, with 43 legal water connections approved. Water meters were also installed, with each household contributing to pay the group's water bill. Through our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program a healthier life is now available for the many families and young children of 12 slums. These residents have also benefited from developing the skills required for local advocacy and social accountability - that they use again when lobbying for change. No wonder a water bill is such a great reason to smile.