Chosen a new invitation to child sponsorship

What is Chosen?

Chosen ushers in a new era of child sponsorship, recognising the dignity and value of the world’s most vulnerable children by empowering them with the first of many choices –the choice to choose their sponsor. We are flipping the script on child sponsorship and invite you to join us on an exciting adventure where your support can help the world’s most vulnerable children, their families and communities break free from the cycle of poverty.

Through the Chosen sponsorship experience, you will walk alongside a child and their community partnering with them to build resilience through long-term development programs. These include, education, clean water, economic empowerment and better health and nutrition.  Chosen is child sponsorship reimagined and it’s powerful.

Musa choosing Junior and Juliana

What is child sponsorship?

When a child chooses you to be their sponsor, your impact is felt across the entire community as you partner with World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program to support the world’s most vulnerable children living in the world’s harshest regions.

Together we work with local families, community groups and governments, building pathways out of poverty for children facing the relentless impacts of poverty including the threat of child trafficking, child exploitation and forced child labour. As a child sponsor your donations and support will help to lift a child up and out of a life of poverty and into a life of possibility.

Building pathways out of poverty for Ugandan children

How does Chosen child sponsorship work?

Chosen empowers you and your sponsored child to transform their community, and because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, 4 more children benefit too! Sponsorship is better access to education, cleaner water, better health and nutrition, child protection programs and economic stability. It is the first of many choices and the beginning of a life not possibly imagined but truly deserved.

You can be chosen in just a few easy steps.

  1. Simply sign up to be chosen, make your first $48 (monthly) sponsorship donation and upload your photo! Your name and photo will then be sent to a community where a choosing party is being prepared for the children. This is a celebratory event where children choose their sponsors.

  2. The choosing party is a special day where the entire community comes together. Your photo will be displayed alongside many other generous sponsors just like you. A child will handpick you to step into a life-changing relationship. Some children have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor, now it’s their turn to choose!

  3. Soon it’ll be time for your reveal moment! Keep an eye on your inbox where you’ll be prompted to log in to your My World Vision account to finally meet the child who chose you and their community. We cannot wait to introduce you! 

Ugandan children with access to education and clean water

The stories of Chosen

With love from Brazil: Meet Musa

For the first time, Musa, 8 years old from Nabukalu, Uganda could choose his sponsor. Musa chose Junior and Juliana. Having journeyed from Brazil to a new life in Australia, Junior and Juliana are excited to step into a life-changing relationship with Musa and his community.

Turning empathy into action: Meet Swahim

As a child Dee migrated from the Lebanon with her family leaving the unrest of civil war behind. Forging a new life in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Dee grew up conscious of the impact of charity and set on a path to support vulnerable children and give back.

The joy of giving back: Meet Annia

Growing up Livinia was fortunate to live a life enriched by the inspiring stories of others and the value of giving back through child sponsorship. A tradition she now shares with her own children. Embracing the opportunity to be chosen, Livinia stepped into a life-changing relationship with Annia.