15 May 2012

Bloggers for social good - meet our newest ambassadors!

  1. Bloggers visited the World Vision office in April to hear from staff, ask questions and brainstorm ideas.

When World Vision’s Social Media team attended Problogger’s annual blogging conference last year, we were overwhelmed by the number of bloggers keen to use their blogs for social good!

What's more, many of the bloggers were already passionate World Vision child sponsors or donors, and very interested in finding other ways they could help.

So we started a conversation, which led to the creation of a Blog Ambassador Program for 2012. This newly launched program connects World Vision with 10 prominent Australian bloggers who will highlight issues of poverty, injustice and giving in a way that's appropriate for their audience.

To celebrate the launch in April, our bloggers spent a day at World Vision Headquarters where they had the opportunity to talk with staff and each other (those unable to be there in person were dialled in on Skype!) The result? An inspiring day filled with ideas that will help guide the program through the rest of 2012. 

During super blogger Eden Riley’s trip to Niger earlier this year - to raise awareness  the West Africa Food Crisis - we saw the strength and power of the blogger network in Australia, with over 20 blogs written in support of her trip, and many tweets and comments offering encouragement. 

How you can help

Of course blogger support for World Vision isn’t limited to these ambassadors! We have a number of resources available for bloggers and would love anyone who has written about our work, or related issues, to let us know via Twitter, or at socialmedia@worldvision.com.au so we share your post, and say thanks! 

- Joy Toose, World Vision Social Media Manager

Want to know more? Meet the Blog Ambassadors.

These bloggers are passionate about their work and have blogs that cover a wide range of topics, like nutrition, travel, lifestyle, being a mum and more. 

Eden Riley
is a mother-of-two from the Blue Mountains and author of Edenland, recently judged Best Australian Blog. Each month, more than 40,000 people read her honest and witty accounts of parenthood, overcoming addiction and everything in between. Since the birth of their first son ten years ago, Eden and husband Dave have sponsored Melku, a 13-year-old boy from Ethiopia, through World Vision. In April she travelled to Niger to help World Vision spread the word about the emerging food crisis in West Africa.

Annabel Candy
is a seasoned traveller who has settled down (for now) on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Annabel shares travel stories and inspiration on her blog, Get In The Hot Spot. She has been motivated to support the poverty reduction efforts of organisations like World Vision since she spent a year working in a rural school in Zimbabwe as a 23-year-old. “What I saw there changed and taught me more than any other travel experience,” she says. 

Jasmin Tragas writes about bringing creativity to life on her blog, Wonderwebby. Jasmin encourages people to pursue their creative dreams, no matter what holds them back, and has previously raised money for impoverished Filipino women to start their own businesses through Opportunity International. Jasmin’s family sponsors Elvin, a 4-year-old boy from Nicaragua, through World Vision. 

Serena Star-Leonard teaches people how to make the most of the web. Her blog and book, How to Retire in 12 Months, documents her own journey to create a lifestyle income through blogging and provides advice to others who want to do the same. Currently in South America, Serena and her husband John are travelling the world volunteering and filming the inspiring people they meet along the way. 

Kate Fairlie
is a Victorian mother-of-four who opted for a tree change in 2005. A former preschool teacher, Kate writes about creative activities for kids, gardening, cooking and sustainability on her blog, Picklebums. Kate always had a hankering to "change the world", and by partnering with World Vision she is hoping to teach her own children and others about compassion, giving and equality and hopefully change the world in some small way. 

Brisbane-based Maddie Magoolie is a graphic designer and mum who blogs about anything crafty, creative and colourful for parents and kids on her blog, Colour Me There. Maddie also has a passion for raising money for charity through social media. Before partnering with World Vision she has shaved her head for the Leukaemia Foundation and spearheaded various Christchurch earthquake appeals through her blog. 

Emma Stirling
is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and food lover from Melbourne. She is founder, editor and a regular contributor at The Scoop on Nutrition, a blog dedicated to providing expert nutrition advice, recipes, news and product reviews. Emma says that as a teenager she would roll her eyes at her parents’ commitment to help others. But as an adult she’s found herself following in their charitable ways, and using her social media influence to promote worthy causes.

Brisbane-based Kelly Long Burstow is determined to make the most of motherhood by celebrating the little moments in life. Be A Fun Mum is her blog and, amongst sharing creative ideas about parenting, Kelly tackles challenging topics like post-natal depression in a real and honest way. Kelly has partnered with World Vision out of a desire to give her children and her readers a “broader view of the world and the people in it”. 

Louisa Claire
is a Melbourne mum to two and social media addict. On her blog of the same name louiseclaire.com, Louisa writes about living your best life, social media and the occasional parenting mishap! Louisa has been a World Vision child sponsor for 11 years and has used her skills and experience working with bloggers to help World Vision develop the blogger ambassador program. 

After a bad day at work, Lisa Wood thought “there’s got to be more to life than this”. On a whim, she put a bid on a motorhome on eBay, and so started a journey that would see her and husband David selling their home and taking their four boys to see every corner of Australia, homeschooling them and blogging along the way. After meeting staff from World Vision, Lisa decided it was time to act on another persistent feeling: the desire to make the world a more equal place. You can follow her adventures on her blog New Life on the Road.