Send your child a letter


World Vision staff receive and distribute cards in Cambodia

It's great that you want to write to your sponsored child. In many cases this could be the first time your sponsored child has ever received a letter!

Prefer to send a letter online? Our eLetter service makes writing to your sponsored child easy. Send an eLetter now.

When sending a letter, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. Keep it short and simple. In most cases the letter will be translated by someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language.
  2. Don't address the letter. Please don’t include your address on the actual letter to keep your personal information private.
  3. Enter your sponsored child’s details.
    At the top of each letter page, write your sponsored child’s full name and ID number. You can find these details in your Welcome Pack.
  4. Provide your details on the envelope.
    Please write your name and address on the back of the envelope.
  5. Addressing the envelope.
    Address your envelope to the World Vision office in your sponsored child’s country. You'll find the right postal address in our list of World Vision National Offices around the world.

Please note: World Vision places the highest priority on child protection. Because of this all letters/cards are opened, logged and vetted to ensure they don’t contain offensive or inappropriate content.



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Houam, aged 14, from Cambodia, receives letters and photos from her sponsor


How long does it take for my letter to get there?

Please be patient, it can take up to six months to get a reply. Delays in developing countries are very common. If you have not received a reply within a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.

Can I send my sponsored child a gift?

Sending a gift is a great way to do something extra and personal.

However, before you pop something in the post, please be aware that gifts can sometimes have unintended results. For example, they can:

  • incur high customs duties that World Vision must pay
  • create expectations of future gifts

So what should I send?

You can add small inexpensive items that fit into a business (DL) envelope. The best part for children isn’t the monetary value of these items, it’s knowing that you’re thinking of them.

Paper-based gifts are ideal. Some suggestions include:

  • stickers
  • bookmarks
  • picture postcards
  • photos (Please remember that some cultures are more conservative than ours, so dress appropriately.)
  • drawings by your children or grandchildren (or you!)

Please don’t send money, cheques or postal orders to your sponsored child.

Our World Vision offices are not equipped to handle funds sent directly from sponsors. By sponsoring a child you are already doing the best thing for a community; giving them a hand-up. A hand-out is not needed.