Contact your sponsored child


Your sponsored child loves to hear from you – imagine what it means for children living in the world’s poorest communities to know that someone on the other side of the globe is caring about them.

Over time, you’ll see your sponsored child develop and grow and watch the positive changes that your sponsorship brings to them and their community.

If you have children, corresponding with your sponsored child is a great way to teach them about poverty and the world beyond Australia.

Being a sponsor doesn’t oblige you to write. The connection you have with your sponsored child is entirely up to you. For many people just knowing they’re making a difference is enough. Whether you choose to write or not, you’ll receive an Annual Progress Report with updates on your sponsored child and the area they live in, regular editions of World Vision Magazine and you can opt to receive regular email updates.


Three ways to build a connection:

1. Send a World Vision-supplied greeting card or letter

Children receive of letters from World Vision sponsors
We make it easy for you to write to your sponsored child.
Three times a year we’ll provide you with the opportunity to send them a card or letter - at Christmas, for their birthday and a general letter.

We’ll include a due date for you to send the card or letter back to us in the envelope provided. Please respond by this date, otherwise you may miss our scheduled mail shipment and your sponsored child may not receive their card or letter on time.

We send this mail in bulk from Australia and delays can result in many other children's mail being delayed.

2. Send an eLetter to your sponsored child


You can also send an eLetter to your sponsored child. 

(A lot like sending an email)

Conditions and technology in your sponsored child’s country are very different to Australia, so once the eLetter arrives in the local World Vision office, it’s printed and hand-delivered.

Login to My World Vision to send an eLetter right now.

3.Write a letter or card and post it to your sponsored child

Many sponsors send a letter, card or postcard directly to their sponsored child's country.

You could help to make it all happen

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