World Vision welcomes another step forward in aid transparency and effectiveness

World Vision Australia welcomes the completion of the assessment of multilateral aid programs – an important hurdle recommended by the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness review to ensure Australia’s investment in development is effective.

The report released by AusAID today delivers another important step towards greater transparency and evaluation of Australia’s contribution to the global effort to end world poverty.

The assessment and the announcement of an annual follow-up will ensure Australia’s investment in development utilises the most effective multilateral development programs.  This includes programs delivered by multilateral agencies such as the GAVI Alliance which has already helped to immunize over 320 million children throughout the world.

Well targeted multilateral assistance improves aid coordination and effectiveness and greatly increases Australia’s capacity to quickly and efficiently deliver on its international commitment to provide 0.5% of GNI (or 50 cents in $100) for development.

Multilateral agencies, which include agencies such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Food Programme, play an important role in delivering a comprehensive development program by utilising existing globally coordinated, efficient and well planned systems to provide assistance.

World Vision welcomes the general recommendations of the assessment, the emphasis on regular updating of the results and using these results in association with other specific information when making funding decisions.  In making decisions about funding the global assessment results need to be paired with specific country and sector level knowledge of fund performance.

The assessment notes that many multilateral agencies are already undertaking a range of reforms to ensure continued effectiveness. For instance, the Global Fund is currently restructuring its processes and management, given its critical importance to global health. AusAID should maintain a continuing review of the Global Fund with the aim of increasing Australia’s level of funding at the earliest possible instance. This would ensure the lives of both children and adults continue to be saved from the impact of AIDS, TB and malaria.

The assessment confirms that multilaterals are good investments for Australia – and critical to Australia’s role as a good global citizen. Australia’s contribution to multilaterals and the challenge of ending poverty provides Australia with a seat at some of the most crucial global discussions in the world. The Government should utilise these opportunities to increase its active engagement with these organisations. It is an opportunity to ensure that they are responding effectively to Australian priorities, including reducing poverty and creating opportunities for children throughout the world.

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