World Vision strongly condemns artillery attack in Syria killing nine, including seven children

Seven children are among nine people killed by an artillery attack in north-west Syria just days before the UN Security Council votes on cross-border aid for the region.

Recently, it has been verified 512 children were killed in Syria just last year, mainly in north-west Syria’s Idlib area and mainly due to airstrikes. Around 1.7 million girls and boys live in north-west Syria[1], many whom are forcibly displaced and still in need of urgent assistance.

World Vision Australia CEO Daniel Wordsworth said: “This is absolutely devastating – more innocent lives cut short by the violent conflict in north-west Syria. Our hearts go out to the families that have lost children and other loved ones. The loss of lives in this conflict is upsetting enough, but the rising number of children killed in Syria is absolutely heart-breaking.”

This recent attack has killed seven children aged between 10 and 14 and comes just days before the UN Security Council vote on ensuring humanitarian access into northern Syria where World Vision partners are finding it increasingly difficult to operate and to reach those in desperate need.

“We urgently call for an immediate ceasefire to de-escalate the situation and for the UN Security Council Member States to re-authorise and expand cross-border access into northern Syrian for at least 12 months, to ensure humanitarian aid can get to children and other vulnerable populations. Governments must do everything in their power to ensure the critical services provided reach the most vulnerable,” Mr Wordsworth said.

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World Vision Syria Response has been operating inside Syria, Jordan and Turkey since 2011, where we provide life-saving protection, education, WASH, livelihoods and health services to refugees and local communities, impacted by the ongoing conflict now in its 10th year. In 2019 alone we have reached close to 3 million people, including 1.5 million people with critical health services since the beginning of the year. More than half are children.   

[1] Children and armed conflict report, UN Secretary General, June 2021, p:24.

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